Performance Spotlight: Diego Chaves and Logan Pause

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The two players I'll be focusing on today are two guys who have been stalwarts in the XI when healthy, but have generated some controversy of late.  Diego Chaves is in the middle of a scoring dry spell and at first glance seemed invisible against the Philadelphia Union.  On the other hand, many people criticized Coach Carlos de los Cobos's decision to bring in the defensively minded Logan Pause when the score was 0-0.  The feeling was that we should focus more on the attack in an effort to get a win.  After the jump, we'll cover Chaves's 45' minutes of service, followed by Pause's substitute appearance.

6' Still waiting for Chaves's first touch.  He has been retreating back to the midfield occasionally, but has been mostly up top.

12' His first touch of the game.  Chests down a tough pass in the defensive half and hits square to Husidic, who played a nice ball forward looking for Oduro.  Oduro miss trapped the pass.

13' Receives a pass at the top of the box and tries to hit a one touch through ball to Bone, pass intercepted.

15' Back pass to Husidic near midfield intercepted

17' Dribbles on left wing looking for options before getting it tackled away.  Philly quickly gets past Segares and starts the break on down the left.  Chaves chases back to his own box defensively.  He then heads a weak clearance well to Paladini who controls and starts the counter.  Chaves obviously did not participate in the counter.

19' Collects a pass 35 yards out and dribbles for a while before knocking it wide to Oduro.  Pappa and Husidic were both 10 yards in front of him but were covered.

22' Heads a throw in on near midfield trying to get it to Pappa. Pass intercepted

22' Comes back for another throw in, hits a poor pass which is intercepted and leads to a Philly counter.

29' Lost a 50-50 ball on a goal kick.

30' Lost a 50-50 ball from Conway

31' Intercepts a defensive set piece and heads it away.

32' Oduro kicks it straight at his head.  He tries to flick it toward Pappa, but it's intercepted.

33' Chests down a clearance in traffic, but Philly controls.  Not much support there.

33' Loses a 50-50 ball off a clearance

38' Loses a 50-50 ball off a goal kick.

39' Loses a 50-50 ball off a long pass.  He gets his chest to it, but no support.

40' Dribbles for a second before playing a backheel straight to a defender

41' Accepts a pass near midfield.  Bone is a good 20 yards ahead of him.  Misses Husidic with a square pass.

42' Tries to play through ball, suffers a hard foul.

45 + 2' Wins a 50-50 ball off a goal kick, dribbles forward while holding off three defenders. Then he lifts the ball over the defense to an onrushing Bone.  Bone would have been in alone with a good first touch.

Halftime.  Chaves subbed off for Barouch.

Thoughts: Chaves is woefully unsuited to holding the ball and starting a counter attack after a long ball.  He needs the ball played to his feet facing the goal.  Which means that he is better suited for a possession game than a defend and counter style.

He never had a good chance to shoot, probably because he was starved for service.  His chasing back on defense may lead to him getting gassed and having trouble getting open.

Now for Pause

60' Pause subs in for Bone

61' Tries to control a pass, gets it tackled away

63' Philly goal.  Pause not at fault, he was assigned to the outside back line and had his man well covered.

65' Suffers a foul in the attacking half

66' Heads an attempted clearance straight up

67' Philly is trying to counter, Pause intercepts a pass and lays it off to Gibbs.

67' Chicago goal as the result of the possession Pause won.

68' Tackles ball away near our box, deflection falls to Pappa

70' Back pass in attacking half

71' Short pass forward to Pappa, results in Puerari's good chance that was cleared off the line

74' Blocks a cross out for a throw

75' Philadelphia goal.  Pause headed a free kick clear which fell to Ruiz.   The header was good, it went over two attackers before Ruiz could chase it down.

80' Gets in the way of a Philly pass, but it deflects to Philly

80' Knocks it up to Oduro.  Defender tackles it away from Oduro back to Pause, who passes it right back to Oduro.

81' Collects a poor Philly trap, passes it back

82' Passes forward to Oduro.  Gets it back from him and makes a poor square pass that misses Paladini.

82' Passes forward to Oduro.  Gets it back from him and passes forward to Pappa who gets a shot off.

85' Square pass to Ristic.

85' Switches field to Segares.

86' Collects a throw in from Puerari near Philly's corner of the field and taps it back to Puerari.

87' Collects pass from Cuesta and knocks it back to Ristic.

87' Vice versa 

87' Square pass to Gibbs

88' Blocks an attempted through pass, deflects to Oduro

88' Tries to dribble forward.  There aren't any options in front of him, so cuts it back and hits a square pass.

90' Collects pass from Conway, knocks it up to Oduro.

90' Switches field to Ristic

90 + 2' Wins a 50-50 ball, pass forward to Oduro.

Full time

Thoughts: Pause played well.  He did his thing defensively breaking up several attacks and winning possession.  He was helpful on offense as a holding midfielder as well, quarterbacking the attack and trying to find space for the attackers.  Criticism by some that he makes too many back passes and is too negative seem unfounded, at least in this game.

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