Performance Spotlight: Dominic Oduro


Many Fire fans have been impressed with Dominic Oduro's speed and his ability to create his own shot, but Interim Manager Frank Klopas will have a decision soon.  Marco Pappa is a week or two from returning from international duty and Patrick Nyarko's return to health has created some competition for Oduro on the wing.  After the break, we'll take a look at Oduro's performance against Sporting Kansas City to see whether he has earned the right to stay in the line up.

2' Traps a ball and knocks it straight into the air.  Commits a foul trying to retrieve it.

4' Makes a smart defensive play.  Confronts a man carrying the ball about 30 yards out, but leaves him to chase the overlapping LB down the wing.  He had help to the middle, but the overlapper was unmarked.

6' Chases after the ball for a while defensively without success.

6' Makes one of his patented runs up the wing with the ball, but can't find any room for a cross and knocks it back.

9' Carries the ball from our box on a defensive corner all the way down the field.  Tries to find Puerari with a short square pass, but hits it slightly behind him and Puerari can't control.

12' Receives a throw and blindly blasts it down the field to a defender.

14' Wins a 50-50 ball, but heads it to a defender.

15' Blasts a loose ball to a SKC defender.

17' Carries the ball from the defensive third and then tries to feed Puerari.  It appeared Puerari had a tough time handling the pass and loses it.

17' Knocks it back to Paladini.

21' Suffers a foul trying to get to a pass.

23' Commits a foul pushing over a SKC player on the ball

24' Carries the ball from midfield to the corner of the box, where his shot is blocked.

25' Flicks on a throw with his head to a defender.

28' Chests down a thrown then bicycles is about 20 yards to a defender.  He wasn't in a lot of traffic and in our offensive half, I don't know what his hurry was.

31' Tries to hit a short cross, headed away.

32' Commits a foul pushing off a defender while he has the ball.

34' Works a 1-2 with Puerari to get loose down the wing.  Carries to the box but puts in a poor cross that was never close to finding Nazarit.

36' Collects the ball near the corner of the box, jukes the defender to the left and gets off a strong shot with his left foot.  I didn't know he had that move in him.

40' Chases after a long SKC pass on defense.  Slows up the attacker with the ball, but misses with a slide tackle and allows the attacker to pass forward.

42' Runs past a defender and chases down a long pass near the corner.  Dribbles toward goal a few yards before he stumbles and handles the ball on his way down.

44' Wins a 50-50 ball off a Fire goal kick but heads it out and concedes a SKC goal kick.


47' Knocks it back to Ristic.

47' Square pass intercepted.

49' Loses a 50-50 ball on a long pass.

52' Makes his patented move of kicking it down the line and running after it.  He catches up with it, but hits his cross over everyone and Puerari has to track it down on the other side of the box.

54' Tries to chip in a cross, but it deflects off the man marking him to Nielsen.

58' His work rate on defense has dropped off.  He initially lets a man running down the wing go to ball watch, only to chase after him when the ball is played through to the man Oduro let go.

67' Draws the Red Card on Nielsen.  He runs under a chip from Puerari and tries to chip it over Nielsen.  I'm pretty sure he was shooting, but it's debatable whether it was on target.  He did well to beat both the defender and Nielsen to the ball.

70' Misses Puerari with a square pass.

72' Knocks it back to Ristic.

73' Offside looking to receive a long pass.

76' Oduro and Nyarko have switched so Oduro is on the left.  I'm not a fan of this, but we'll see how it works.

77' Tries to chest trap a bouncing ball, but misses and loses possession.

79' Moves back to RM.

81' Collects the ball 40 yards out and dribbles to the top of the box.  Hits a short square to Chaves who can't handle the pass.  A defender tackles the ball back to Oduro who tries to work a 1-2 with Chaves.  After passing, Oduro is tripped by a defender; no whistle and the return pass is intercepted.

84' Knocks it back to Pause.

85' Short diagonal pass up to Paladini.

86' Taps it back to Pause.  He gets it back and tries to dribble away from a defender, but has it tackled away to Pause.

90 +1'  Receives a pass from Ristic at the corner of the box and makes a nice backheel pass through to Ristic.  Ristic is able to put a cross in.

90+5' Dribbles horizontally a few yards before making a square pass to Chaves.

90 + 7' Does well to chase down a loose ball near the sideline.  He had to run a long way to beat Bravo to it.

90 + 7' One of four Fire defenders posterized by Sapong in a dribbling exhibition.

90 + 9' Holds the ball too long, has it tackled away.

Full Time

Thoughts: Oduro's speed is going to create chances like the play where he drew the red card that no one else on our team is going to make.  However, he isn't going to convert many of those chances and he's going to turn the ball over a lot in the mean time.  He was very careless with the ball in the first 70 minutes, but played better toward the end of the game after he drew the red card.  He is also better defensively than I had given him credit for, though still not particularly good.

On the whole, the game against the Crew is a good time to try something else.  I'd like to see Nyarko replace him at RM.

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