Grazzini and Pardo to the Fire (IMO)

Your intrepid rumor monger has been digging since his last article repeating reports linking Club America and Mexico defensive midfielder Pavel Pardo to the Fire.  Interim Head Coach Frank Klopas has also expressed an interest in Argentine attacking midfielder Sebastian Grazzini, saying the Fire have been following him.  At the time, Klopas denied speaking with Pardo, though he didn't deny speaking with his agent.

Since then, reports continue to come out of Spanish language media linking both players to the Fire.  The reports are credible enough that I'll estimate a better than 50% chance each that the Fire sign Pardo and Grazzini by the end of the transfer window August 15th.  Evidence after the break for each player in roughly chronological order and translated using Google Translate:


- Tweet from reporter:

DavidGubala David Gubala 

After hearing that the Pável Pardo rumors were initially dismissed, sources say it is once again reborn. He'd be signed on a DP contract.

- Article from

"Carlos Reinoso no longer thinks or Pavel Pardo or Guillermo Ochoa. The technician prepares the next campaign with the idea that there will be two players who have not been reported to training in America, although they have had contact with President Michel Bauer.

Reinoso revealed that midfielder asked special permission to negotiate with a Major League team of the United States (MLS), presumably with the Chicago Fire"

- Article from ESPNDeportes:

 "Pavel Pardo, who for a year has expressed interest in emigrating to the U.S. soccer has had contact with the Chicago Fire, the club also needs a player of the features of Aztec midfielder

On 15 July the Transfer window opens in the U.S. league, and is likely to achieve Pardo accommodated in the Fire, whose team is the Colombian president Julian Posada. But the Fire, who fired a few weeks ago the Mexican Carlos de los Cobos as a coach for poor performance, it also takes into account European footballers."


- Tweet from a Fox Deportes reporter and former Fire front office member:

francosy Franco Sui Yuan 
#ChicagoFire to sign playmaker Sebastian "Magico" Grazzini within the next few days from Argentinean side All Boys.

- Article from

"Barrientos has a contract for another year, but if you see something could migrate (sounds to Independent). Casteglione not fix its continuity even wants to go, Sebastian Grazzini will go to the Chicago Fire of Major League of the United States and Emmanuel is almost impossible Gigliotti can stay as the Novara Italy, owner of the pass, you want to locate in a European club."

- Tweet from an Argentine Soccer Reporter:

 @ EstebanedulEsteban Edul

Sebastian Grazzini play the Chicago Fire USA. Signed one-year contract

- Another Argentine Reporter:

gravep Pablo Gravellone

Sebastian Grazzini play the Chicago Fire USA.

- Another article from TYCSports yesterday:

At low secure and Ariel Ortega, Cristian Zárate Fabbiani and Ariel, will be joined by Carlos Casteglione the comings and Sebastian Ereros to Tigre, of Sebastian Grazzini the Chicago Fire , the Mariano Brau to East Oil and what worries , the likely departure of Carlos Soto.

- From the website of Argentine club All Boys, Grazzini's home last year: 

"Meanwhile, Romero already has a draft list of expendable. We recall that Ariel Ortega, Lucas Rimoldi, Cristian Fabbiani and Sebastian Grazzini (played in Chicago Fire, MLS) will not continue on campus."

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