Quick Shots: Week 3

Before writing this week's post, I decided to take a look at last week. I was stunned to see that I predicted that DC was going to get a 2-2 draw at LA. I'm thinking that I overvalued DC a little on that one. To my credit, If David Estrada wasn't lazy and scored a 4th goal, I would've nailed the Seattle/Toronto match right on.

I got 4 results right out of 9 if you throw out the score predictions. In short, you're better off flipping a quarter than reading my predictions.

***Friday, March 23rd***

Houston @ Seattle - 9:00 p.m.

Houston was able to shut down Wondolowski and Lenhart last weekend, which is pretty impressive. But for as great of a combination those two make, they don’t compare to the offense that Seattle has. Houston’s defense could still keep this one close, but as long as Seattle avoids having the occasional defense brainfart they’ve become know for, they should win this one.

Result: Seattle wins 1-0

***Saturday, March 24th***

San Jose @ Toronto - 12:00 p.m.

The big news for Toronto is that they are going to be without Torsten Frings for at least a month. On top of Frings, Toronto are missing a handful of other players to injuries and two U-23 call ups. San Jose’s attack has been a little lukewarm and last week’s loss looks like the same ol’ team from last season.

Result: Draw 1-1

Montreal @ Columbus - 3:00 p.m.

Montreal is going to get their first MLS win this weekend. They have looked good in their two matches so far. They’re good at controlling possession, and they are able to move the ball pretty fluidly for a team that’s only been together for a few months. On the Columbus side of things, I haven’t seen much of them outside of their first match and the Carolina Cup match against the Fire, but from what I have seen, it feels like they’ve taken a step backwards.

Result: Montreal wins 2-1

Portland @ New England - 3:00 p.m.

Portland doesn’t usually show up until the second half. New England doesn’t show up at all. Don’t worry Mr. Spencer, you’ll get to pad your road record this weekend.

Result: Portland wins 2-0

Philly @ Chicago - 7:30 p.m.

Nick has preview up, and Stephen has a tactical preview up for this game. I agree with Nick that the Fire must win this one, and I'm nervous as all hell about it. If we draw or lose, then have we really professed at all this off season? I’m not going to get down on Philly for losing in the rain in Portland. Last week’s loss was dumb luck. Someone needs to tell McMath, “When in doubt, punch it out”. Philly is not a good team, but they’re not terrible. Still, I’m remaining optimistic.

Result: Chicago wins 2-1

Chivas @ RSL - 8:00 p.m.

RSL will continue to enjoy being top dog in the MLS for another week. The question to answer here is how many goals are they going to score. I think the minimum they score will be 3.

Result: RSL wins 5-0

DCU @ Vancouver - 9:00 p.m.

The outcome of this match is going to be big for both of these teams. For DC, they've had two tough opponents to start the season and win here would be a definite boost to their confidence as well as reassuring that they might not be as terrible as they were looking.

For Vancouver, they have 2 wins to start off the season against an expansion team (in their first game) and Chivas (who have yet to score a goal). A win here might gives them a little more validation.

Result: Vancouver wins 1-0

***Sunday, March 25th***

Colorado @ New York - 3:00 p.m.

This match is just like the DC/Van match. Is New York as bad as they seem? (yes) Is Colorado as good as they seem (no). Colorado is showing that they are going to be tough this year, but they're still not going to be able to compete in the west. Have fun beating on the east while you can Colorado.

Result: Colorado wins 2-1

FC Dallas @ Sporting KC - 6:00 p.m.

There seem to be a lot of people high on this match since these two teams have had some crazy matches in the past. The only thing I can recall is that Brek Shea did this while Grahm Zusi did this and FDC was blown out at home. Speaking of Brek Shea, remember when Schellas Hyndman made him play centerback last year? That was amusing.

Result: Sporting wins 3-1

Enjoy the games, folks!

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