HTIOT Fantasy Review Week 3


Week three had some intriguing results to review, as well as preview week 4 in the HTIOT league

Allow me a brief indulgence: I WON I WON I WON! YEAH! My opponent SleepEzzzz's loss was enough to drop him from 3rd to 10th, and the number of undefeated teams dropped to 6. DamagedGoods is now top of the world with a league high points total of 219. The rest of the top 10 looks like this:

+- # Team W D L + Pts

1 DamagedGoods 3 0 0 219 9
2 ylno 3 0 0 204 9
3 Byron Athletic 3 0 0 193 9
5 Logan Square 3 0 0 174 9
6 Westphalian Tailors 3 0 0 161 9
7 Zildjian 2 1 0 176 7
8 Quarterback Style 2 0 1 205 6
9 Spanish Inquisition 2 0 1 188 6
10 SleepEzzzz 2 0 1 182 6

The HTIOT crew still finds themselves struggling, with the highest of us being Ryan Sealock's Sean Johnson's House in 23rd place, and it's all down hill from here.

Mr Oleary once again is at the bottom as he finds himself looking up at everyone else.

33 Second City SC 1 0 2 147 3
34 Pony Boy FC 1 0 2 133 3
35 Northern Lights 1 0 2 127 3
36 Yazid on the Tuba 0 0 3 169 0
37 MIR 0 0 3 159 0
38 Screamin Monkeys 0 0 3 146 0
39 Ultras FC 0 0 3 142 0
40 Chicago Cottagers 0 0 3 137 0
41 This... is a Kick! 0 0 3 134 0
42 Mr. O'Leary 0 0 3 117 0

Round 4 has some interesting match ups to say the least. Top of the table takes on the boss as Richard Matthew's Damaged Goods takes on Chicago Cottagers, managed by Hot Time News Editor, James Coston. And #2 takes on #5 as Ben Martisius' ylno takes on the entire Neighborhood of Logan Square, managed by Anthony Seamour.

Who United v Off The Far Post
ylno v Logan Square
FC Transatlantique v Mr. O'Leary
FC Groningen v Now We Know!
Alpha Kings v MIR
Northern Lights v backyard bombers
DirtyMike N The Boyz v Sean Johnson's House
HindaloMattCF97 v Fire Confidential
Westphalian Tailors v Ultras FC
Milicz FC v Yazid on the Tuba
Byron Athletic v This... is a Kick!
EHS Wildcats v Spanish Inquisition
Internationals FC v ChicagoBlues
Screamin Monkeys v Ultras Red Side
Zildjian v Quarterback Style
DamagedGoods v Chicago Cottagers
SleepEzzzz v Shinsplints for GAM
Aninbaba O'riley v Football McFlys
Pony Boy FC v Kings of the Cup
Spanish Inquisition v Second City SC

One last thing to remember about this week- it's an international week, and three teams are off (Philly, Portland, and Toronto). So, remember to adjust your rosters accordingly and good luck!

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