Brian McBride is McBack! Sort Of.

Brian McBride is not waving goodbye. He is waving hello. - David Banks

The legendary striker is stopping by for a few months to explain to the team how to win a game. He was pretty good at that during his career.

After watching his team squander a 2-0 lead to Real Salt Lake at home, Frank Yallop was left searching for answers on how to break through to his team and lead them to that first elusive victory.

He may have found that answer where so many of life's questions can be solved – on Fox Sports 1.

Broadcaster extraordinaire and really good soccer player Brian McBride has returned to Chicago where he will give some tips and advice to the attacking players from time to time on a short-term basis. Yallop said he and McBride had been in contact for a few months and wanted to give McBride an opportunity to get his feet wet in the coaching game.

The Arlington Heights native has been keeping busy with Fox Sports 1 as an analyst for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Seeing as both competitions are down to the last game, his schedule opened up and he decided now would be a good time to save his hometown club from the cellar of the MLS.

For those of you who don't know, McBride is one of the most successful U.S. international players ever, having scored 30 goals in 96 appearances for the national team. He was also a two-time player of the year for Fulham, which is pretty good success for an American in the Premier League. And if that wasn't enough, he was the first player selected in the first-ever MLS draft.

He's not perfect, though. He once won a U.S. Open Cup with the Columbus Crew, which is kind of gross. But we'll forgive him because he grew up here, played at Buffalo Grove High School and helped put Chicago soccer on the map.

It is a cool story and a nice feel-good moment after a start to the season that has a lot of fans feeling pretty down. This arrangement is probably more beneficial for McBride, who will get a good inside feel for coaching, which I think he could be good at if he decides to pursue it in the future. Both Yallop and McBride have downplayed it quite a bit, so it's not worth reading too much into at this point. He won't be on the sidelines for games or anything like that.

Hopefully, it gives the team a bit of a spark - at the very least they should finally learn how to make a penalty kick. I mean if you can't pick up some good penalty kick tips from McBride, then there is just no helping you. Show them the way, Brian, show them the way.

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