On Garber's Cancer: Soccer Can Be More Than A Game

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the game helped bring me back from depression

On Twitter: Magee's Deft Answer To Homophobia

Universe grows a tiny bit better - film at 11

Football: The Allthing

Ruminations upon joy, bravery and football

Hype? Who Gives A Shipp - Have Some Fun!

Young, promising players like Harrison Shipp are deserving of over-the-top praise, but not vitriolic criticism

Managing Mageegos

Reports of disagreements between Frank Yallop and Mike Magee have already surfaced, but the new man in charge will have more than his franchise player to tend to as he brings change to the club

The Case Against Dismay: Poker Room Lessons

It's not time to fret over the result against Chivas, let's learn from our mistakes and move forward

Counterpoint: Passion Is Great, Rage Less So

Fire supporter - and outside general counsel - James Vlahakis shares his thoughts on 'Shirt-gate' and what it tells us about life as a modern supporter

Novelty - Dissembling - Apathy

In place of our inspired, authentic heritage, our owner posits his whims and evasions

Words About Shapes: Schrödinger's Team

Until actual results, we are left uncertain as to the true nature of this Fire roster - is it a youth movement, or the result of shopping on double-coupon day?

Roster Rumination: The Glass is Half Empty

Why we will not see an impact player signed before the season starts


More MLS Whitewash: Controversy of the Year?

League website declares Rogers trade to LA the Controversy of the Year, somehow ignoring the smoldering dung-pile of discrimination lawsuits against Chivas USA

Holiday Downtime: Playing Santa For #cf97

It is the holidays, and things are a bit slow on the MLS front, so it's time to do a little role playing...not that kind of role playing.

Paying The Forward: What It'll Cost To Keep Magee

Fire and league MVP made under $200k last year, is entering the final year of his contract in 2014

MLS Cup - SKC's Peter Vermes: Alpha Douche

Why I'm going to cheer for Real Salt Lake, or Is it possible to motivate men to play hard consistently without bully culture?

Inside View: Like Losing A Loved One

We knew Grandma wasn't feeling well, but always thought we had a few more outings together; it's nice to think she could be reborn. Contributor Anthony Seymour talks about the end of a season, and hope for the next

On His Way Out, Lindpere Leaves The Knife In

Dyspeptic Estonian, now 32, implies practices under Klopas weren't up to snuff

One Last Thought: cf97, NYRB Collision Course

Should #cf97 upset New York’s Supporters’ Shield plans, it would form only the first game of a three-game home-and-home-and-home series

Words About Shapes: Klopas The Humble

Fire gaffer favors a stable shape, counts on players to express themselves within it

A la Recherche du Temps Perdu: A #cf97 editorial

Ruben Tisch issues a plea for the Fire to channel their illustrious forebears tonight against New England. This special editorial first aired on the 9-13-13 edition of Far Post Radio.

Grilling With Fire Part 2: Gonzalo Segares

Our new, quick fire interview series is back with everybody's favorite Costa Rican left back

Why It’s Ok To Get Your Hopes Up

It is easy, and often logical to be cynical and reserved about your team's performance. From defensive lapses to scoring droughts, we the fans have seemed to have many reasons to doubt this squad. Here's why things will get better though

Words about Shapes: Results, Motherf#*ker!

In which Sean ponders whether end-stage capitalism is the wrong environment in which to expect much sympathy. Highlights include a visit to the doctor and a phone call from a front-office apparatchik.

Real Fans Show Up Even When Times Are Tough

There's an argument for being there in bad times as well as good

Grilling With Fire Part 1: Daniel Paladini

A fun interview series with your favorite Fire Players. We sit down and "grill" them with 26 questions that are supposed to be light-hearted and fun.

Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders: Who Scores?

Spreadsheets, tables, and numbers are back in this second part of Hot Time in Old Town's series on goal scoring in MLS. Today we look at where teams get their goals from -- forwards, midfielders, or defenders -- and if there is a hidden formula for s

Seeing Red: A look at Red Cards

The results of Saturday, April 27th’s away match against the Montreal Impact left many Fire fans, myself included, red faced in frustration. The red card violation handed out to "Big Red" Jeff Larentowicz in the 63rd seemed unjust to say the least.

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