Possible head coaches for next year?

Even though the win Friday against Columbus was fun, and showcased what may be Brian McBride's last career goal, we have missed the playoffs for only the second time in club history. As Fire fans, we are used to success, and that makes this year even harder to swallow than it already is.

Carlos De Los Cobos is not the only reason for this season. I have never been a big fan of his, and have gone on record as saying I would like him out in previous posts, but I also realize that not everything is his fault. The Fire have had to deal with continual injuries, thus causing lineup changes, preventing players from getting comfortable with each other. We have also had some players under perform, which can't be completely attributed to CDLC, though he can be part of the blame.

No matter what all the reasons are, we have had a failure of a season by Fire standards. Many sports teams go through seasons like this, and when it happens to a usually good team, the axe usually falls, many times on the manager. Thus, I think we will have a new coach next year, and I wanted to see who others might want to see. Changing coaches every year is not a way to build a stable club either, but to me it's clear that CDLC does not understand the MLS like a coach would that would be more familiar with the league.

Hot Time and I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that C.J. Brown might be an interesting option if he retires, assuming he would want to coach, and assuming the Fire would be willing to hire him as head coach with no experience. Brian McBride could be an interesting option, especially since he still lives in Chicago.

I have also heard rumors about Preki, although I am not a big fan of his, and I think the product would get much less offensive and much more defensive with him. Plus, with the rumored rift between the players and himself in Toronto, I don't know if it would be a good idea.

Caleb Porter, Akron's head coach and considered by many to be the best head coach in college soccer by far, could be interesting if he chose to leave for the MLS, although he has stated he enjoys helping kids develop and seems to be happy right now at Akron, although if the price is right, he may decide otherwise.

What do you guys think? If CDLC goes, who would you like to see? Someone on this list, or someone else not mentioned? Would you like to see CDLC stay?

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