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Game Thread: Chicago Fire @ FC Dallas - 7:30 PM CST

Brimstone Cup
Brimstone Cup

Join us in the game thread as the game unfolds.

I could have written about the Brimstone Cup but decided not to in the Game Preview.  It's a derby trophy that was designed when Dallas was still called the Dallas Burn and we both had team names that suggested infernos.  The Fire also played Dallas three or more times a year and the competitions were fierce.  These days it's just another game that happens to have a trophy attached to it.  The Fire's poor record in the cup might dictate this feeling too but many fans think we should just scrap the whole thing all together.  I think we should start a 'cup' with Columbus, DC or New England.  That is where the real rivalries lie.  Post your two cents below.

You can catch the game on Fox Soccer Channel @ 7:30 PM CST - Game On - Go Fire!