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Wilman Conde's Last Appearance in a Fire Uniform? All-In for 2011, Borge Update

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It is looking very likely that we have already seen Wilman Conde's last appearance with the Fire as reports are coming out that he is going to Israel to be on trial with Maccabi Haifa FC.  Despite Conde playing poor this year, not signing a contract extension, and being generally distant, it is still tough to think of him as gone.  I think some fresh scenery could help him out.  I also think a great motivator could bring him back to life.  Conde has been catching a lot of heat this year but after a strong start, Marco Pappa basically fell off a cliff too.  When young guys like Pappa and Conde fall off at the same time, you have to wonder if there is a deeper problem on the sideline...


Be sure to read Tom Dunmore's 'Brian McBride: A Real American Hero'.  Favorite line:

Columbus, Fulham, Chicago, and the United States of America were lucky to have a man like Brian McBride pull on their jerseys.

There, I posted something nice about Columbus.  Don't say it doesn't happen.


In addition to being a blogger, Tom Dunmore is also the President of Section 8.  Chicago Fire team writer Jeff Crandall is the latest to be swept up in the fervor of going 'All-In' for Section 8 in 2011.  Jeff will be in the press box as an employee every game but he bought 2 season tickets anyway.  That's taking it to another level and demonstrates the effect this club can have a person.  If you haven't checked out all the details and benefits of being a season ticket holder for 2011, be sure to read Jeff's article.  There isn't a better sports deal in town, no better team to feel like you are a part of something.  Favorite line:

So there it is. It’s like the old Hair Club for Men ad, I don’t just work here, I’m also a member.


Elliot Borge Update: Lyons Township High School defeated John F. Kennedy High School 4-0 to advance to the next round in the IHSA Class 3A boys soccer playoffs.  Borge scored yet another goal.  Lyons Township High School plays again this Friday at 4:00 PM at St. Ignatius College Prep.