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Odds & Ends: Stejskal on Conde, Andrew Hauptman Profile, Riot Links

Sam Stejskal had a series of Wilman Conde related Tweets on Saturday that I've held off reporting because I was waiting for a story to pop up.  We might get something tomorrow but here are the three tweets strung out:

Exact quote from Conde's agent: "There are no plans for Wilman to visit Macabbi Haifa in the foreseeable future...... "We have had conversations with them as we have with a few other clubs, but Wilman hasn't been asked to try out anywhere.......He has already proven himself as a superior defender while in Chicago."

I would bet good money, no GREAT money, that Conde is still gone but for those holding out hope... well there it is.


I've linked to Patch for Academy updates but this time it is for a hometown orientated profile on Andrew Hauptman.  The wonders of mircolocal blogging.  It provides some back story on Andrew I was unfamiliar with, like he played for the same traveling soccer organization that Chris Armas did - the Smithtown Kickers.  I really liked this quote.

As a business-minded individual, Hauptman treats the franchise as a unique civic asset, which he says is owned by the team's supporters as much as it is by him.

Keep that attitude going Andrew.  Read the whole piece.  It could have used some quotes from other people besides Andrew but there is good info in there.


The Chicago Riot launched today with an official press conference.

Someone else ( snagged Peter Wilt for a Q&A.