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The Goals for the Chicago Fire in 2010 - Not the Failed Ones, The Ones We Scored

There is a cornucopia of Internet voting being laid out here.  Bear with me. 

First, the MLS is putting all 30 of the Goal of the Weeks up against each other.  The tricky part is they don't show you the vote totals after you voted.  It will be interesting to see who wins because teams with multiple candidates won't want to pick one player over the other.  Votes will be split so teams that have only one player up for voting have a great advantage or maybe the pure best goal of the year will win!  Ah, who am I kidding?  Seattle probably has five bots working on five goals right now as we speak.  I voted for a write-in - Brian McBride's goal against Chivas USA a couple of weeks ago.

Second, fans of goalies are not being undermined as the 30 Save of the Weeks are up against each other in a fight of their own.  I voted for #18.  For some reason there is no write-in for SOTW like there is for GOTW.  Joe Miller would approve.

Finally in case you haven't had enough internet voting for one day, the Chicago Fire are launching a tournament style vote for the Chicago Fire Goal of the Year.  If I was a betting man I would put good money on Brian McBride's goal against Chivas USA but today it is Marco Pappa's 51st minute strike against San Jose on Opening Night vs. Baggio Husidic's goal against Chivas USA back in May.  Gotta go with Pappa here...