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Protectinator Chicago Fire Style: Who Are You Protecting?

Who should stay and who should go?
Who should stay and who should go?

The 2010 MLS Expansion Draft is rapidly approaching and the list of who the Chicago Fire will protect will be released very soon.  With a major thank you to sidereal of Sounder at Heart and Seattle Soccer Scene, we turn over the virtual keys of the Chicago Fire roster and allow you to pick the 11 players who should definitely be in Chicago Fire red next year.  Enter The Protectinator


Select your 11 players and follow us after the break for our picks and explanations on why you may not see some players listed.

If you are wondering why Sean Johnson, Baggio Husidic, and Corben Bone are not listed, it is because they are all protected by Generation Adidas status.  Victor Pineda is protected as a Home Grown player.  Brian McBride and C.J. Brown have of course retired.  Krzysztof Krol is returning to Poland.  If you are wondering why Tim Ward, Jon Busch, and Justin Mapp aren't on the list, we've got some bad news for you...  and some serious questions like "Have you been living under a rock?".    

Here are the 11 players we think the Chicago Fire will protect but we'll let the individual authors talk about who they would like to be protect if there are any differences:

  1. Marco Pappa
  2. Patrick Nyarko
  3. Bratislav Ristic
  4. Logan Pause
  5. Wilman Conde
  6. Steven Kinney
  7. Dasan Robinson
  8. Freddie Ljungberg
  9. Kwame Watson-Siriboe
  10. Nery Castillo
  11. Gonzalo Segares