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Chicago Riot Report: fall to Baltimore, defeat Costa Guerrero, open against Milwaukee Wave 12/5 @ 6:00 PM


This past Sunday night saw the Chicago Riot play the role of victors in an exhibition tune-up against local team Costa Guerrero.  Vladimir Knezevic had 2 goals and keeper Jeff Richey contributed to the win with 12 big saves as the Riot won 10-7.  Knezevic, captain Fred Degand, and Knezevic again scored to give the Riot a 6-0 lead through the halfway point of the second quarter but Costa Guerrero's Mario Pinon put CG on the board and Eduardo Rodriguez scored a three-point goal to make things suddenly competitive at 6-5 going into halftime.  A late third quarter goal from the Riot's Eric Lukin and an early fourth quarter goal by Dorin Oprea were both assisted by Will Kletzien and the Riot breathed a little easier 10-5 as the game winded down.  Guilherme da Veiga scored a late power-play goal for Costa Guerrero to make it 10-7 and that was your final score.

If that last paragraph left you confused, I suggest you take a look at the Major Indoor Soccer League's Rules of the Game.  If you aren't familiar with two point goals, soccer divided into quarters, or how you score three point goals, that one link will have you up to speed in no time.  I didn't even get around to 'blue cards'.  More Riot news and notes after the break.

The MISL is definitely something I would encourage everyone to take a look at, it was fun to watch, and interesting at the same time how it differs from outdoor soccer.  I was able to catch most of the game online thanks to it streaming for free on the Riot's website.  The stream was not without it's faults but live streaming exhibition games is a great idea that all professional Chicago soccer teams should take into consideration.  Given the looser restrictions of Major Indoor Soccer, the Chicago Riot will be live streaming all of their games and I understand that not all professional Chicago soccer teams can come through on that due to licensing agreements but exhibition games, that would be great.

The Riot are also spreading fun via their Facebook page where fans who change their Facebook profile picture to an image promoting the December 5 home opener and 'like' the Riot's status will receive a free Chicago Riot pin at an upcoming home game.  Not to be outdone, their Twitter page is constantly giving updates on team planning, pictures of practices and games, and even cracking the occasional joke at Sporting KC's expense:

Too late for faux European poser team name...@ChicagoRiotSC changes name to Aston Villa Park

All kidding aside, the Chicago Riot will face a big test this Sunday, December 5th when the Milwaukee Wave come to the Odeum Expo Center at 6:00 PM.  It's great to see the Riot come into this game with a win even if it was an exhibition game over a local team.  The Baltimore Blast got the better of the Riot on November 19th in a game that ended 10-6.  While it may have looked even on paper, Chicago's Jeff Richey had 15 saves and Baltimore's Sagu only had to manage 4 saves to get the W.  I'm guessing if things stay that way all year, the Riot will be in for a long season.  As Chicago clashes with the Milwaukee Wave in their club opener, don't forget the Wave is the former team of current Riot owner/CEO/President/Jack of all trades Chicago soccer legend Peter Wilt.  Given everything, I think the atmosphere on Sunday is going to be pure electric and I encourage everyone to be a part of it out at the Odeum in Villa Park if you can!