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REPORT: Carlos De Los Cobos to keep his job

According to's writer Sam Stejskal, multiple sources close to the Fire confirm that Carlos De Los Cobos will return for a second year as head coach of the Fire

Signs have pointed to Carlos being retained in the past couple of weeks, as first assistant coach Mike Matkovich and fitness specialist Alvaro Briones were fired.  The removal of the coaches nearly made it official that De Los Cobos would be given an opportunity to right the ship as assistants are not generally fired before the head coach.  Follow me for more after the break.

This definitely gives Fire fans a bit of news to talk about in an otherwise slow news period.  Carlos recently said that he felt his first year on the job has been a learning experience for him.  It will be interesting to see what the offseason brings.  Carlos will have the chance to back up his claim that he is simply learning the league.  Frank Klopas and Carlos de los Cobos can try to help team in the upcoming draft, as well as making personnel decisions for next year's squad.  It sounds like Nery Castillo may be given another year to try to find his form of old, and this Fire fan can only hope we do what we can to bring Freddie back.  I will also be interested to see how some of our younger players will play a role on next year's team.  I want to see more of Kwame Watson- Siriboe and other players, like Corben Bone.

What do you think?  How do you think Carlos will do next year?  What changes would you like to see team wise?  Do you think retaining him was the right choice?  Share your thoughts!