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Nothing is Happening

By now you all have see the 'results' of the first part of the re-entry draft. To say several teams completely missed the boat here is an understatement. First off DC selected one of the worst players available, Joseph Ngwenya. He was cheap so no big deal? Every team needs to spend their money wisely and this selection by DC was a waste of $72,000 and an international roster spot for next season. Columbus selected a minimum wage player to help fill their domestic slots for next season. It makes sense towards their rebuilding efforts. Why they are deciding to rebuild this upcoming season is a mystery unto itself but at least it should provide many laughs for the rest of the league.

This . . . thing was an exercise in single entity stupidity.Why would teams who pick later in in the re-entry draft process allow the earlier picks to acquire the rights of the quality players available during the second phase? If you are DC United give me one good reason why you wouldn't select Jimmy Conrad or Schelotto with the first pick? There is no reason. These guys are talented, proven MLS veterans who can help any side in the league.

I have zero problem with the single entity MLS setup. It is a system that has kept the league alive and offers it many advantages. I do have a problem when it begins to affect the competitive nature of the front offices throughout the league. No one was willing to do a sign and trade? No one was willing to pay Jeff Cunningham to score goals off their bench next season in a league that is starved for goal scorers?

The Fire with all their cap space combined with needs at striker and center back should have at least selected someone who can help in this first phase. Yeah I'm sure they will get a decent veteran that can help the squad but anything above that and I will be surprised. Perhaps they have something else going on but the complete silence regarding any potential moves is frustrating from a fan perspective. I want to be engaged and talking about who the team may be chasing. Instead I'm sitting here with nothing.