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Chicago Fire Jersey Sponsor Update - Tribune Report/Soccer by Ives Tribute

The Chicago Tribune had a story yesterday with an update on the Chicago Fire Jersey Sponsor.  To my knowledge, this is the first time we've seen Fire President Julian Posada discuss Best Buy's departure:

"We got a heads up that they were looking at a different direction," he said. "A lot of it was just timing. We had no intention of (talking about it) during the season."

This confirms the rumors I've heard in the grapevine.  Best Buy had small time frame marketing goals and they were met.  The Fire could have brought back Blanco or even signed Didier Drogba and Best Buy would have still moved on.  Few soccer teams have the same sponsor for long periods of time.  I also believe this is the first time the sponsorship deal price has ever been listed.

The lost revenue represents, essentially, the team's salary cap payroll. At $7.5 million over the last three years, it has covered all but the salaries of designated players Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Nery Castillo and Freddie Ljungberg.

Again, that is in the ball park range of rumors I've heard but I have never seen confirmation on this level. 

Perhaps now Ives can tweet this story instead of asking

Is there a more under-reported MLS story right now than the fact that the Chicago Fire lost Best Buy as its jersey sponsor?

We helped him out though and Ives tweeted the original Crain's article by Ed Sherman.  Great work there Ives and no I don't think Brand Jordan will be a sponsor on the jersey.  I'm thinking adidas might have just a little bit of problem having that on their manufactured apparel.  Call me crazy.  Hot Time In Old Town will continue to tweet updates and talk sponsor rumors on our Twitter page.  We've seen some good ones thrown around and had some good speculation on sponsors but nothing quite worthy of reporting here.  In a nod to Ives (this is all just good natured fun), what do you think about the Fire jersey sponsor?  Think we will land a big name?  Do you have a favorite?  Have you heard any rumors?  Would you like to start one?