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Creaky Joints and the teams that love them - the story of Stage 2 of the MLS re-entry draft

It is time for post re-entry draft phase 2 autopsy. Lets get our scalpels out and cut into some dead tissue!

    1.  DC United: Josh Wolff. This pick makes some sense for DC as they need help everywhere and Wolff could be the type of player that can bounce back and become a very good goal scorer over the next few years. Depending on what kind of contract they can sign him to this could turn out to be a very good pick.


    2.  Chivas USA: Jimmy Conrad. This is a great pick. Conrad can help any backline and frankly I'm a bit surprised DC didn't select him. He had a good contract so it will be interesting to see how quickly he signs.


    3.  New England Revolution: Ryan Cochrane. Youngish (27) cheap defender. It is the Revolution way. I don't see how he is an upgrade on the field over what they had last season. He does free up some cap space when compared to Gibbs.


    4.  Los Angeles Galaxy via trade with Houston Dyanmo: Juan Pablo Angel. Lots of allocation money is going to be thrown at the Angel contract. LA sure looks like they are gearing up for a run next season. Age is going to be a factor for LA next season. Angel has proven to be durable throughout his MLS tenure so this is probably less of a risk than it looks on paper. Yet you have to question a team who seems to value over 30 guys more than they do their under 20 prospects.


Analysis of the Fire taking Cory Gibbs and the rest of the selections in the re-entry draft after the break.


    5.  Chicago Fire: Cory Gibbs. I really like this selection considering what was available. I recommended Gibbs in my initial phase one primer if Jimmy Conrad was not available. Gibbs is a well traveled veteran. He has proven fairly healthy in recent years (playing in 25 league games last season) and should bring a calming veteran presence to the back line. The esteemed Tweed Thornton will be checking in with more on Gibbs soon.


    6.  LA Galaxy (via post draft trade with Sporting KC): Frankie Hejduk. LA needed another old, former USMNT player to fill the void left by the retiring Eddie Lewis. At this point Hejduk is a spot starter and a decent backup, nothing more. I can't imagine he is coming cheap though. This move reeks of Bruce Arena getting a Bruce Arena guy, age and cap hit be damned.


    7.  FC Dallas (via post draft trade with Seattle Sounders): Chris Seitz: I really like this move for Dallas. Young keeper who had a rough, rough beginning in Philly. He is a talented guy and could really do with some tutoring at the feet of terrific MLS GK. Smart pick for the future here at minimum risk.


    8.  Columbus Crew: Jeff Cunningham. A return back to Columbus for Cunningham. I have no idea what Columbus is doing this off season but getting a veteran who can score goals isn't a bad idea for any team. I still can't fathom this team being any good without Schelotto's service. Good luck Jeff your probably going to need it.


    9.  Sporting KC (via post draft trade with LA Galaxy): Luke Sassano. At least he is better than Hejduk at this point. Gives them a guy who can come off the bench and play several positions. Always an important guy for an MLS squad. A guy who has value and isn't overly expensive (like minimum salary cheap, how was he even in this thing in the first place?). KC has some nice cash ($500,000 ish under the cap) to play with now.


    10.  Colorado Rapids: Tyrone Marshall: Veteran defender who can help. When I saw him play last year he looked like he still had some ability left. Nice pick up for Colorado. Adds depth at a key position.


    11.  NE Revolution: Fred. No clue what NE is doing here. Fred was not a success last season for the Union. Can't imagine him having a big impact in NE.


Overall thoughts:


The Fire helped themselves with the selection of Gibbs. Frankly he was the best fit available when they selected. As for the other teams the clear cut winner today was Chivas USA. Not only did they get the best central defender on the board they managed to acquire 19 year old forward Tristan Bowen for allocation money. Bowen is a promising young player and should fit in well with Chivas USA. As far as what the other teams did it is a bit to early to tell if they were smart moves.


With the January transfer window opening soon things are about to get real interesting. Perhaps what New England did today will make sense (doubtful), maybe Columbus' rebuilding plans will come to light (more likely), and most assuredly the Chicago Fire are going to sign some players out of the blue. Can't wait to see rosters take shape.