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Follow-ups for the week ending in December 19, 2010

We wrote about Ben Burton guest bartending Saturday, December 18 at the Kinderhook Tap for Urban Initiatives.  While Ben worked a six hour shift from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, over $900 was raised through proceeds from food and beverage sales in addition to the generous tipping from everyone that made it out.  I was honored to contribute my small part and see so many familiar faces.  Kinderhook Tap is a great little space in Oak Park and kudos to them for hosting the event.  Major kudos to Mr. Burton for putting in all that time and hard effort - both in the six hour shift and all the promotion.  

In a Chicago Riot follow-up, the Riot's 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Facebook hint earlier this week was actually for Sandre "Sunny" Naumoski not Adauto Neto as we guessed.  Just to be clear, it was our intention to join in the guessing game the Riot were encouraging everyone to take a shot in.  We weren't reporting a Neto signing as a rumor.  Of course it had been Neto, we might have a different angle on this...     

We've been off this weekend a bit but stay tuned this week as we get back into full swing.  Be on the lookout for some professional sports team Facebook research and a new sponsor poll Mark Rogers designed.  Just because the Holidays are in full gear doesn't mean we are taking a break.  If nothing else, MLS SuperDraft is right around the corner and the next batch of Generation adidas players will be announced shortly after the New Year.  It will be March and home opener time before we know it.