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October 8 - A Special Day in Chicago Fire History - How You Can Help

Thirteenth Anniversary of the Chicago Fire
Thirteenth Anniversary of the Chicago Fire

October 8 is a very special day in the history of the Chicago Fire.  It is the day the Great Chicago Fire started in 1871 and it is the day the other Great Chicago Fire started in 1997.  The Fire are going to have some anniversary festivities and YOU are invited to be a part of the planning.  I love this club - more after the jump...

As I wrote in the intro post, the team isn't named because Fire is cool, Fire is destructive, or the team needed an excuse to use giant flame throwers in pre-game (those things are really cool though, who doesn't enjoy the spectacle?).  It's an important event in the city's history that made us what we are today, much more than any other event in the city's history.  It's not a lame throw away like say, the Wizards. 

If you go to Section 8's website, you can read how the Fire threw a great anniversary party last year and they are working on doing that again this year.  Considering the fact that we have a home game against our closest rival the Columbus Crew on October 8, I expect this day to be a fun-filled day with opportunities to revisit Fire history and meet some current Fire staff. 

Have an idea on how to make this day great?  Well the Fire want your opinion!  The relationship between the supporters' of the club and the club itself have not always been smooth sailing but the people the Fire have in place now 'get it'.  Section 8 represents all fans and you couldn't find a more welcoming group.  Here is the information for tonight:

What: October 8th Anniversary Party Planning Meeting
When: Wednesday, September 22nd 2010
Where: The Pitch, 2142 N. Clybourn, Chicago
Who: All FIRE fans

If you haven't been to The Pitch, be sure to stop by sometime.  Frank Klopas, the Fire legend and current Technical Director, is actually a partner in the bar and there is Chicago Fire memorabilia all over the place.  It is a great feeling to walk into a bar and see that stuff.  Frank will probably be at this meeting. 

I'll do my best to give more advance notice of these kind of things.  It is important as fans for us to constantly give our voice on matters when the club asks for them.  Try getting this kind of interaction with the other teams in Chicago.  I worry about the day that the Fire get 'too big' like the other Chicago teams and big sports teams around the world.  We must always ask for a certain level of familiarity because if  it is the status quo, it makes it much harder for the Fire front office to ever abandon it.  We must also be sure to thank the front office for treating the fans like the partners we are - Thank you Front Office!