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GameTread: Chicago Fire @ San Jose - 10:00 PM CST

It breaks my heart to see him wearing red
It breaks my heart to see him wearing red

This game could be 'The Revenge of Jon Busch Part III'.  What was the second revenge you ask?  His team is going to the playoffs.  Oh how it hurts to write that. 

Watch tonight's game and take comfort in the fact that we have discovered Sean Johnson.  Really, how many MLS Playoff seasons does Jon Busch have left in him?  Meanwhile Sean Johnson is part of the US National Men's Team discussion and he is only 23. 

You can catch all the game action on CSN Chicago Plus, CLTV, ESPN Deportes and ESPN3.  Complain about how the Fire should still have Busch, make lineup predictions, give updates, or provide analysis in the comment section below.  Go Fire - Win if Not For Points - For Pride