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2011 MLS Supplemental Draft - Full Results

After a two-year absence, the MLS Supplemental Draft is back.  Why not just have more rounds in the MLS SuperDraft?  We don't know. has a rundown of the top players available.  

UPDATE: Full list of players is now available after the break.

Round 1

Pick Club Player's Name Position School/Previous Club
1 Michael Boxall UCSB
2 Spencer Thompson F UC-Irvine
(from DC)
Daniel Keat M Dartmouth College 
(from CHV)
Jimmy Maurer GK University of South Carolina
5 Ryan Richter F Lasalle University
6  Hunter Christensen Univ. of Tulsa
7 Evan Newton GK Old Dominion
8 Jimmy Banks UW-Green Bay
9  Amani Walker UC-Irvine 
10 Sam Scales  The Ohio State University
11  Josh Ford GK   University of Connecticut 

(from DC, CLB)

Robbie Lynch  University of Evansville 
(from NY)
Stephen Beattie Northern Kentucky 
14 Jeff Attinella  GK  University of South Florida 
(from SJ)
Alexis Pradie  Embry Riddle University 
16 Ryan Thomas   D Stanford University
17 Paul Ogunyemi    Schoolcraft College 
(from COL)
Bryan Martinez  Seton Hall

Round 2

Pick Club Player's Name Position School/Previous Club
19 Joe Anderson  M Coastal Carolina 

 Raymundo Reza F San Diego State 
21 Blake Brettschneider  D/M/F South Carolina 
22  Ernesto Carranza M Sacramento State 
23 Josh Walburn  D Princeton University 
24 Fernando Cabadas  M Sacramento State 
25 Sergio Castillo  M Creighton University 
26  Spencer Thompson F Michigan State University 
27  Yannick Salmon M Rutgers 
28  Mike Jones  D SIUE 
29  Corey Attaway D UC-Irvine 
30 Ben Sippola  D Butler University
31  Teddy Schneider D Princeton University 
32  Andrew Cost M Penn State 
33 Phillip Tuttle  GK Notre Dame 
34  Dustin McCarty M University of North Carolina 
35  Ariel Osorio M Southern Methodist 
36  Philip Bannister F Loyola University (MD) 

Round 3

Pick Club Player's Name Position School/Previous Club
37 Santiago Bedoya D Northeastern University

Taylor Mueller D University of Washington 
39 PASS    
40 Curtis Ushedo D UAB 
41 Matthew Marcin M Providence College
42  Andrew Sousa Providence College 
43 PASS     
44  Scott Rojo M High Point University 
45  Sam Arthur F/D University of South Carolina 
46 Michael Mravec  M UAB 
47  Sean Morris Seattle University 
48 Andy Adlard  M/F  Indiana University 
49  PASS    
50 Nick Love  F Gonzaga University 
51  Victor Cortez D University of San Francisco 
52 Zack Johnson  GK  West Virginia 
53 Craig Hill  GK  Southern Methodist 
54  Javed Mohammed D University of South Florida