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In Chicago vs. WI; Riot-Wave, Bears-Packers, Bulls-Bucks, Round 1 goes to Wisconsin

I'm sure you know that the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at 2:00 PM CST on Fox.  However, most of you probably did not realize that the Chicago Riot took on the Milwaukee Wave on Saturday and the Milwaukee Bucks play the Chicago Bulls on Monday.  It's a three round Chicago vs. Wisconsin free for all... and unfortunately the opening shot was launched loud and clear in favor of our cheesy neighbors to the north.

The Riot entered the game feeling pretty good about themselves after last weekend's epic win over Baltimore.  While Chicago has lost to the Milwaukee Wave twice already this season, the first time was by three points and the next one was only by one point.  Add in the fact that Milwaukee had just played the night before and was traveling in from Baltimore after a 14-6 loss and things were looking up for the Riot.  Chicago was looking for sweet revenge but they took the bus home with the taste of bitter defeat.  Follow me after the break for a quick recap of all the action...

The Wave started off with a 3 point goal from Tom Oatley, assisted by Marcel Feenstra.  Despite the early deficit, the Riot are definitely known for fierce comebacks.  The action was hectic in the first quarter with Milwaukee getting the better of all the play.  The rough back and forth culminated into Chicago's Roberto Gallo getting whistled for a pushing infraction with three minutes left in the first quarter.  The Wave's Guiliano Oliviero converted the penalty kick to make it 5-0 and that was the final score of the 1st quarter.

The Riot struck back with a Miki Djerisilo net rippler to close the gap to 5-2.  Saundre Naumoski tallied another Riot goal to make it 5-4.  Riot fans were again visioning another great comeback, but the Wave's Oliviero scored his second goal, this time from normal play with 4 minutes left in the half.  A minute later Oliviero found Hewerton Moreira, to restore the Wave lead to 5 points going into halftime.

The Wave opened the 3rd quarter with a goal from Ian Bennett, assisted by Tenzin Rampa.  Although the Riot were again in a deficit, one of the the Riot's go-to-guys in Bato Radoncic scored to squeeze the gap to 11-6 in the 14th minute.  Just as it looked like the Riot might be taking advantage of the Wave's tired legs, Chicago captain Fred Degand received a 5 minute penalty for misconduct right as the 3rd quarter ended.  Milwaukee was able to open the 4th quarter on the power play attack right when the Riot needed to be scoring goals and wearing down the Wave.  Chicago came away unscathed but their energy was tapped out after going 4 vs. 5 for five minutes.  Moreira struck a dagger in the Riot's heart with four minutes left when he scored a goal to make it 13-6.  Chicago's Semir Mesanovic scored a late goal to make it 13-8 but as Riot goaltender Ante Cop moved up to attack, this time it failed.  The Wave's Matt Stewart scored a three point goal, 16-8, game over.  The Riot fought hard yet again, and we have played them fairly closely so far this year.  I sense a Riot win coming up in the next match up between these teams.