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Chicago Fire re-sign Dasan Robinson... almost certainly will NOT sign Miguel Ángel Garduño Pérez

The Chicago Fire have re-signed Dasan Robinson.  Frank Klopas said:

“We value Dasan’s commitment to the Fire and are very excited to have him back for his sixth season with the club,” said Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas. “Dasan is a hard working, versatile defender who brings a keen understanding of the game and a strong defensive mindset to our back line.”

This was a fairly standard signing which of course contained my favorite part of every MLS news release on a player being signed; "Per MLS and club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed".  The back line will need Dasan Robinson more than ever and he will be looked upon to work with all of the young rookies. 

One of those young rookies will almost certainly not be the rumored Miguel Ángel Garduño Pérez.  The Fire are denying it on their Facebook page and through other channels.  In my opinion this highlights a couple of things.  First of all, it is our mission here at Hot Time In Old Town to give you the most up to date information as possible.  I don't like running with rumors as much as the next guy but in a world where Nery Castillo's Aris F.C. loan took 24 hours or more to clear the red tape at MLS headquarters before the Chicago Fire could send an official press release, I lean towards getting information out there rather than sitting on it.  There is a happy medium to be found and given that this blog celebrated four months on January 14, 2011, we are still finding it.  We are also expanding out contacts in the player, agent, team, league, press, etc. soccer world and we are committed to being your best source for Chicago Fire news and information. 

It also doesn't help when runs the 'Kick Off' that links to the article and says the Fire have reportedly signed this player.  I found the article independent of news sites and I did not see that had this.  However, perhaps the social media team should not be running with these kind of stories especially when Simon Borg who writes 'Kick Off' has the access to check with the league to see if paperwork is actually going through.  The MLS social media team also went hog wild with the Nery Castillo to Aris F.C. loan.  My advice is to either tone down the rumors in 'Kick Off' or do what the NBA does when they have certain writers on their website:

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