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Yessy and Fabio?

According to Yessy Mena and Fabio Burbano will be joining the Fire on Tuesday from Columbian first division side Envigado.  Rough google translation of the important paragraph below:

In this scenario the eleventh orange show the group that I will face the League Postobón from 6 February and which will not part Yessy Mena juveniles and Fabio Burbano. Both announced yesterday that they will travel on Tuesday to join the Chicago of the American MLS.

Mena is a 21 year old striker and Burbano is a 18 year old attacking midfielder.  Both of these players were rumored to be coming to MLS before the draft combine and were waiting on their visas.  Which gives the current report a bit more credence than usual.

Even if both of these players have signed with the Fire there are still two international roster spots available.  I doubt that either of these players are overly expensive so there is still plenty of money to make a signing.

Also Soccer America is reporting that Nate Weiss is a non roster invitee to training camp.  He is a Right Back.  Obviously the team is very concerned about Kinney's injury and wants depth at that position.

I'll be back later this weekend with a look at the new rules and how they affect the Fire's roster.

Hat Tip to Pablo Chicago over at Big Soccer for posting the El Columbiano article.