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Chicago Riot look to make the Vipers & Comets 'All Shook Up' this weekend; All Elvises enter the Odeum building free of charge this Sunday

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With the holiday season over, the Chicago Riot eye a return to some Major Indoor Soccer League action.  Tonight the Riot will take on the Missouri Comets at 7:35 PM CST in Independence, Missouri.  This Sunday, January 9, the Chicago Riot will play their second ever home game (and first in over a month due to the postponed 12/12 game against the Comets) and take on the Omaha Vipers at 7:00 PM CST.  The Chicago Riot have created a special 'Elvis Night' promotion where all fans that dress like Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello get free entrance to the standing room only section.  Excuse me while I say that a section of loud chanting Elvises would be 'a riot'.  Miss this game, and you'll be like a hound dog, crying all the time.  You will feel blue like certain fabric shoes so just be sure to make it.  Tickets can be purchased here to get in on the fun.  Either way, if you want to check out tonight's game vs. the Missouri Comets, you can watch live on the web starting at 7:35 PM CST or just join the Riot in their game chat.

As I mentioned with the holidays, I'm sure most of you were busy with family gatherings, so I wanted to throw out a quick recap of some MISL games that happened over the break.  I think the best way to lead off this recap is with a crushing defeat to the seemingly invincible (at least so far!) Milwaukee Wave.  You'll never believe who beat them.  Follow me after the break for details on this game and more...

Missouri snapped the 13 game winning streak of the Wave by the score of 13-8.  That's right, the helpless Comets devoured the Wave's impressive streak like Prince Fielder devours Big Mac's.  Marco Terminesi of the Wave had another impressive game, as he has now scored in 8 consecutive contests.  Missouri was the star though battling through three ties, a 2 point lead late in the game, and the Wave pulling their goalie for an extra attacker.  The Comets finished cleaning up the Wave with an empty netter for the final 3 points.  I didn't get a chance to see the game, but by all accounts it was very action packed. 

Just two days before the Wave/Comet clash, the Comets looked lost and out of place while getting absolutely destroyed by the Baltimore Blast 22-6.  The Comets truly felt what it was like to go from bottom to top in only one week.  Just like the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Except for the whole top part that is.  There was obviously a lot of goals, and I will make a long story short by saying that Pat Healey scored 4 goals, a modest night at the park to say the least. 

Continuing the trend of playing a horrible game followed by a great showing, the Blast dropped a nail biter on New Year's Eve to the Omaha Vipers.  Parity people, parity!  Despite multiple lead changes and a rash of penalties, Johnny Torres tallied the game winner for the Vipers in the final 3 minutes for the 9-8 win.  As you can see, and as the current standings show, the Riot are not that far behind considering their bad start.  They have looked more in form the past couple of games, and if they can reel off a winning streak, you never know what will happen.

Speaking of our beloved Riot, they have an awesome Chicago Soccer Heritage Night coming up on Jan. 30th.  The one and only C.J. Brown will be there as well!  It's still sad to have C.J. gone.  For those that haven't gotten a chance to see him, Jan. 30th is the ideal time.  Don't forget to join us at HTIOT this weekend for recaps of the Riot latest matches.  Let's see if the Riot's New Year's resolution of kicking ass and taking names starts off on the right foot...