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Chicago Soccer Roundup; Rivera interviews Frank Klopas, Fire vs. Olympiacos?, Wilman Conde & Jonathan Spector Goals, and more

There are a couple of good stories on the Chicago Fire, Section 8, and everything Chicago soccer that should not be missed.  Let's start with Guillermo Rivera of Fire Confidential with some quotes from Frank Klopas.  On the players taking part in the MLS SuperDraft Combine right now, Klopas had this to say:

These players have been off for a few months so it's tough to judge guys on these games, we've seen most of them before now so we're looking for the best fit based on who's available when we pick.

That confirms the general consensus among the writers here at Hot Time In Old Town that Klopas and the Fire would be targeting the best player available.  Chicago has so many holes to fill and the time span on players staying on MLS rosters is relatively short compared to those in the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL, it does not make sense to target one position over the other in the draft.  Targeting outright talent is the only way to go even if that comes in the midfield where the Fire are much better off.

A story translates something I find to be quite interesting.

It is speculated that reaching the agreement, the Chicago Fire will spend two week in Athens to prepare for the 2011 campaign, which seek to improve their performance, and next summer the Greek side [Olympiacos] would travel to America to prepare for the 2011-2012 season.

Obviously this is a translation of a rumor (not the best situation) but the prospect of the Fire training in Athens for two weeks should be big news.  I approve of the idea of putting Nery Castillo around Olympiacos, the place of his isolated club brilliance.  Any instant critics should note that many European teams travel to the United States just before their season starts.

The Province's Back of the Net reports the Vancouver Whitecaps have hired former Fire Denis Hamlett as an assistant coach.

The Chicago Fire checked in with Sean Johnson while he is in USMNT training camp.  Pretty cool to see a photo of Sean with a USMNT logo emblazoned shirt.

Baggio Husidic went All-In with team writer Jeff Crandall.  Both guys have funny Twitter accounts.  They are definitely worth following.  Their linked names take you to their respective Twitter accounts.

If you haven't checked out the Riot Reader, be sure to do so for all the latest Chicago Riot news.  Any Riot Reader readers likely already know that the Riot signed two more players earlier this week; Miodrag 'Miki' Djerisilo and Brandon Corday.  Vladimir Knezevic has been released.

After the break we give you videos of recent goals scored by Arlington Heights' Jonathan Spector and ex-Fire Wilman Conde for their respective teams, West Ham United and Atlas.

Wilman Conde's goal for Atlas versus Morelia.  The goal comes around the 2:17 mark.


Visit Over There for Jonathan Spector's goal for West Ham United against Barnsley.