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Smolderings & Question of the Day: Should Eric Wynalda be the next technical director of the Chicago Fire?

The Hat Trick

- Seattle Sounders' announcer Arlo White has been named as the lead soccer announcer for NBC Sports. This means he will be on the national MLS games NBC inked back in August. He will also take the lead for other soccer games like the Summer Olympics coming up. SB Nation's Jeremiah Oshan writes very favorably on the idea:

The first thing you'll notice about him is that he knows his subjects as well as anyone. During his time with the Sounders, he did a weekly Scouting Report for their website that showed an analytical acumen that is rare among American broadcasters of any sport. The only announcer who I would feel comfortable even comparing him to in that regard is ESPN's Ron Jaworski.

I have been impressed with the presentation of the videos Oshan refers to but I'm not keen on anyone being a national soccer broadcaster in the United States that learned English in a non-American background. It doesn't help the perception that soccer is a niche sport that it is not American. Language like 'footy', 'boot', and 'kit' alienates casual fans and even more hardcore fans like myself. All that said, Joe Buck is American as apple pie and I lower the volume when he or White are broadcasting a game. I will take British knowledge over American sports trivialization. We'll see how this one plays out.

- A hat trick inside a hat trick has Charlie Corr, Guillermo Rivera and Jack McCarthy each having pieces on Frank Klopas' upcoming trip to Europe. All three are must-reads revealing interesting information for next season.

- Instead of a golden ticket, Chicago Fire team writer Jeff Crandall is heading up 'photo ticket'; a contest that offers the chance for your favorite personal Fire photo to make its way into the Chicago Fire season ticket holders' book. More information at the link but if you have any kind of photo that represents cf97 with pride, now is the time to send it in.

Question of the Day: Should Eric Wynalda be the next technical director of the Chicago Fire?

Wynalda's name continues to pop up here and there being linked to the Fire even after Klopas was named head coach. In what capacity is unknown, I really like the idea of Eric Wynalda for next technical director.

Andrew Hauptman and Frank Klopas have both stated that they are still looking for a technical director. In my opinion, Klopas has proven he is great at bringing in talent on his own and he should have a role similar to Bruce Arena with the LA Galaxy (General Manager/Head Coach). I don't think Klopas needs a technical director but if the front office really wants it there, go with Eric Wynalda. Wynalda would advise Klopas, not the other way around. Wynalda's knowledge, thoughts, and unique set of connections can only add to the situation. As the man with the title of technical director, Wynalda can utilize his best trait by getting in front of the camera and speaking with his passion for the game. Neither Fire Owner Andrew Hauptman, team President Julian Posada, or head coach Frank Klopas seem to leap at the chance to tell the cf97 story on a daily basis (via Twitter, TV, radio, what have you) but Wynalda is sharing his thoughts everyday and enjoys doing it. With the above guidelines and duties in place, I think Wynalda would compliment the rest of the front office to where they keep their strengths and he covers a weakness. It seems like it could be the ultimate package.