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Marco Pappa as Santa Claus on Christmas, giving coal to all the Chicago Fire fans

The hat tip here belongs to iron81 who found this article and made a fanshot. Normally I would just bump the fanshot to the front page and call it a day but the article actually takes from an original story that includes a hilarious video of Marco Pappa doing an awkward photo shoot as Santa Claus. Regardless of how you feel about Pappa these days, this is priceless.

As iron81 pointed out in his fanpost, the words give some negative holiday cheer for Fire fans.

"Cómo pasa el tiempo, ya son cuatro años de jugar en Chicago, donde llegué ilusionado y con deseos de consolidarme, pude cumplirlo y aunque tengo un año más de contrato, creo que es tiempo de buscar nuevos horizontes", aseguró.

"No lo puedo negar, ya hay gente trabajando en eso -ir a Europa- y esperamos a ver qué nos depara el destino, hay algunas opciones, pero hasta no tener nada concreto no hablaré. Tengo contrato con Chicago y en eso me concentro", reconoció.

Nothing all that new but Pappa continues to put quotes out there saying his dream is to play in Europe but he has a year left on his contract with Chicago. If he wants to be in Europe, let's cash in on anyone willing to buy. The transfer window opens in just 8 days.