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Section 8 December: 12/7 Board Meeting, 12/17 Holiday Party, 24/7 Food Drive

Section 8 Chicago 2011 Holiday Party - Be There
Section 8 Chicago 2011 Holiday Party - Be There

The Chicago Fire might be in the off-season but Section 8 Chicago keeps working on. The Section 8 monthly Board Meeting will take place tonight, December 7 at 7:00 PM at The Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. As always, the board meetings are open and everyone is invited to attend. Topics will include supporter groups, tifo displays, new merchandise, charity efforts, tailgate growth, and traveling everywhere.

On Saturday, December 17, Section 8 Chicago will be hosting their 2011 Holiday Party. The festivities kick-off at 7:00 PM and take place at Union Park Lounge at 228 S. Racine in Chicago. In addition to a live DJ and video screens full of classic Chicago Fire games, the ISA has worked out a free appetizer buffet for 2012 season ticket holders. All you need to do to claim your spot is RSVP here. Anyone who brings non-perishable food items to the Holiday Party will receive a drink ticket. Non-season ticket holders can buy into the buffet for $10 and don't forget with season tickets starting at just $200, why not just go all-in and become a season ticket holder at or invite friends to this event as a way to bring them into the #cf97 fold?

Before the fun and games though, Section 8 is once again taking a two-pronged approach to working with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. You can donate right now by giving to the virtual food drive. $3.15 buys 6 half gallons of milk. $12.00 buys 40 pounds of apples. $15.90 buys 30 dozens of eggs. In this season of giving, why not give to Chicagoans who would light up like a kid on Christmas day at the sight of an omelette and some sliced apple for breakfast? It takes two minutes to make this happen right now online. The second approach is an in-store opportunity where you greet grocery shoppers as they arrive. Simply encourage them to purchase some peanut butter, tuna fish, grains, and other non-perishable items and stop back by your table for drop-off. There's more details at the link but I did this last year and it was great. Most shoppers were very appreciative, I enjoyed talking to other Fire fans during the slow times, and we got a lot of food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository thanks to the generosity of our fellow Chicagoans. If you would like to volunteer this Saturday, December 10 from 11 AM - 4 PM or Sunday, December 11 from 11 AM - 4 PM, send an E-mail to michael(at) or sign up here.