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Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Becky Carroll to Resign Post

That comes straight from a press release the Chicago Fire just sent out.  I knew Becky before I started editing Hot Time In Old Town.  Obviously I have gotten to know her more in covering the team.  I have found her efforts in the Communication department to be fantastic and any organization that works with her in the future is getting a real winner.  This came as a 100% surprise.  Team President Julian Posada and Becky Carroll both had comments in the press release:

"Chicago Fire Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Becky Carroll has made the decision to leave the Fire in the coming weeks," said Fire President Julian Posada. "Becky plans to take some time off, plan her wedding and pursue other interests and opportunities. We will miss her energy and enthusiasm and we are greatly appreciative for her tremendous contributions to the organization, as well as her decision to work with us through the transition to find a replacement."

"I put my heart and soul into this job and I am grateful for the opportunities that Andrew and everyone at the Fire provided me, introducing me to soccer, MLS and more," said Carroll. "I learned a great deal and it was a privilege to work with such an outstanding organization filled with such a passionate and dedicated team on-and-off-the-field. I will be signing up as a new (paying) season ticket holder in 2011 and I can't wait to enjoy the game as a fan."

It will be interesting to see if the Chicago Fire Facebook page maintains its open comment policy when a new communications person takes over the reigns. With everyone leaving the Fire both on the field and off, it seems like 2011 might just see a whole new level of complaints.

Everyone here at HTIOT, especially myself, wishes Becky Carroll the best in all of her future endeavors.  Be warned future VP of Communications and Community Affairs, you have big shoes to fill.