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Section 8 Chicago Annual General Meeting Results

Section 8 Chicago President Tom Dunmore addresses the Annual General Meeting.
Section 8 Chicago President Tom Dunmore addresses the Annual General Meeting.

The Section 8 Chicago board elections for 2011 have been finalized.

  • President: Tom Dunmore
  • Vice-Chair: Joel Biden
  • Finances: Mario Ortega
  • Merchandise: Peter "Chow" Bychowski
  • Operations: Michael "Giaco" Giacometti
  • Events: Josue Gomez
  • Communications: Dan Martin

A special hat tip to Benny Kumming who ran for Communications.  The race was very close and we look forward to his other contributions to Section 8 Chicago and the Chicago Fire in 2011.  I mean after his Anniversary Week Blog post last year, how could you not?  Special hat tip to Kayla Yost who was planning on running for Merchandise but decided to drop out because she wasn't sure she could make the full commitment.  Her reasoning was very well thought out and we look forward to her contributions in 2011 as well. 

The biggest hat tip of them all goes to outgoing Director of Events Joshua Graning.  It was a very close election and that speaks volumes for both Joshua and new Director of Events Josue Gomez.  Whether it was a new event like walking in the St. Patrick's Day Parade to one of the countless away game watch parties, I saw Joshua handle them with top class in 2010.  I look forward to Joshua continuing to take the capo stand in his best Dead Poet's Society impersonation once the season starts up (he's a teacher and will take the stand sometimes right after work).   

Thank you as always to all Section 8 Chicago board members, past, present and future (maybe you the reader someday?).  You all help to make the Chicago Fire what it is and best of luck in 2011.  Consider making a donation to Section 8 Chicago today, it will only make your gameday experience that much better.  Onwards and upwards...