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Manchester United to play Chicago Fire on July 23rd

This report is credited to an unnamed source, but is reporting the exclusive that Manchester United will be coming to Chicago to take on the Fire on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011.

After playing Seattle Sounders, Manchester United will fly to Chicago where they’ll play against Chicago Fire on Saturday, July 23. Event organizers were originally planning on having the game played at Wrigley Field, the legendary baseball stadium, but it appears that the deal may have fallen through, and that the game will be played at a different Chicago venue instead.

So the dream of the Fire playing in Wrigley Field will have to wait another year or more but I hope they take the game to Toyota Park.  Playing these kind of games in Toyota Park is important for growing the Chicago soccer community.  Soldier Field might sell some more tickets but it does not do that much for the Fire long-term.  If anything, it confuses people into thinking the Fire play their home games at Soldier Field still.  I am sure AON is pushing for Solider Field.  Just think of the overhead shots of Manchester United on the field with the Aon Building in the background.  We will report all of the details when they become available.  This looks like a go but all official sides are being quiet for now.