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Watch Party Round-up - FC Dallas, March 19, 2011

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Watch parties began as a part of Chicago Fire culture when games were often regulated to obscure channels that only certain bars with odd satellite packages featured the ability to broadcast the Fire.  Even though in today's world every game is on TV channels that most people have, watch parties continue for every away game as it provides a chance for Fire fans to gather together.  Each week we'll highlight the different watch parties that are going on.  If you would like your watch party to appear in this space, just drop us a line at the E-mail address on the right hand side of blog here.  If we missed your party this week, feel free to post it in the comments.  Here are the two big parties that hit our radar:

Chicago Fire/Section 8/Sector Latino Watch Party

ChiTown Futbol

2255 S. Throop St.

Chicago, IL

Husaria 'Back in Action' Watch Party

Second Time Around

8303 W Irving Park

Chicago, IL

The doors don't open until 6:00 PM at ChiTown Futbol but both places have drink specials and the owner of Second Time Around has promised free polish kielbasa off the grill while it lasts.  Whether you are 'old hat' at this or a casual fan looking to check out the game with some other fans, both will provide a great experience.  If you can't make out, don't forget to tune in to Comcast Sportsnet tomorrow at 7:30 PM.