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Chicago Soccer Smolderings - Daily Links 3/3

It's still the preseason, but there is plenty of news to be read... catch up with Soccer Smolderings!

This issue: Carolina Challenge Cup Preview, President Posada meets with Section 8, Carr's First Kick, Words from a Season Ticket Holder, Chicago Fire Jersey Sponsor, Chicago Fire formation analysis, and more...


Carolina Challenge Cup Preview
Chicago Fire SC heads to Dixie for their final pre-season stop this weekend to participate in the Carolina Challenge Cup. Section 8 takes an in-depth look at the club so far.


Some Good News and Some Not So Good News - Updated - Fire Confidential
Julian Posada attended Section 8 Chicago's monthly board meeting last night (along with Director of Soccer & Team Development Paul Cadwell and Vice President Emigdio Gamboa) and addressed a variety of issues while taking questions from attendees.


Fire still searching for 2011 jersey sponsor | Major League Soccer
Posada addresses fans, says USOC game won't be at Toyota Park, team store in the works.


Calen's First Kick | Chicago Fire Soccer Club
VIDEO: Carr looks back on his first Fire goal, opening day.


STH Testimonial | Chicago Fire Soccer Club
VIDEO: Ed Titus relives best Fire memories.


Chicago Fire: Taking Inventory Of 2010′s Formations – The Allocation Order

Richard Farley takes a look at the Chicago Fire's 2010 formations, their success and failures. Great analysis and insight!



Defensive Mentor | Chicago Fire Soccer Club
Veteran Gibbs taking Anibaba under his wing