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Manchester United vs. Chicago Fire Pre-Sale Tickets - It's On

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Chicharito is pointing at you Chicago
Chicharito is pointing at you Chicago

Manchester United is coming to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Fire on Saturday, July 23rd at 7:00 PM CST. There is still no official date for tickets to be sold but we have obtained some pre-sale information for anyone who wants to get a head start on their purchasing. Just visit the link here and type in FIREVIP for the Chicago Fire VIP sale or type in FIREFAN for the Chicago Fire regular sale.

I'm seeing more and more fans debate on how the Fire should approach this game. Some fans think that it is important to try and win because a win will make the world take notice. Other fans think that exhibition results are ignored by just about everyone. I think it's somewhere in between. I don't think too many people on the other side of the pond care about these exhibitions but what about the causal fans who go to see Manchester United because it's an event? Soldier Field itself is a special place in Chicago sports and Chicago Fire history. You take the field at Soldier Field, you aim to win in my opinion. I'm sure the debate will continue to rage on. For now, take the opportunity to get a crack at the tickets if you need them.