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Calling All Captains! Who takes the captain armband now that Logan Pause won't start?

Is Carlos giving us a hint here?
Is Carlos giving us a hint here?

Logan Pause and Cory Gibbs will be out for Saturday's game against Colorado. Pause's absence makes you - wait for it - think about who will be captain. Who do you think should be captain? Let's talk about the contenders after the break.

Jon Conway

Jon Conway is the oldest player on the team. If he starts, it will likely be his last or one of his last starts of the season. Give Conway the captain's arm band and you don't have the fans calling for the replacement captain to get the armband back when Pause returns. This is the easy way out. On the other hand, Jon Conway's starts may already be over. Carlos de los Cobos might have started Conway against Los Angeles and Houston to avoid Sean Johnson hearing the boos of the home crowd. If you aren't used to hearing your number one supporters boo you, it can be devastating to one's confidence. Speaking of Johnson...

Sean Johnson

What better way to boost Sean's confidence than to make him the captain for the game? This is an opportunity to show Sean that he simply needed a mental break. The team still believes in him long-term. He is the future. On the other hand...

Marco Pappa

If we are talking the future, what about Marco Pappa? Marco is only 23 and yet a veteran of the Chicago Fire. Pappa is not only on track to become the Fire's first 'home grown' designated player but also its all-time appearances leader. Let's make him the captain tomorrow because he will be soon anyway.

Gonzalo Segares

At the risk of tipping the poll, I think the captain's armband should go to Gonzalo Segares. Gonzalo has the most appearances for the Fire behind Pause (114 games played) so while he may not be a future star, he has been a constant. It also can send a message to Colorado and the league by giving the captain's armband to the team enforcer. The Fire are a tiny team and have been outhit too many times this season. It's time to fight back and Sega can restart the 'Chicago way'.

Who would you give the armband to if you were Carlos de los Cobos?