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Chicago Fire vs. Philadelphia Union - MLS #10: Quoteables & Summaries

Game in a nutshell
Game in a nutshell

Jon Conway

On the Goals

“First goal was shot in the  about  4 yards in front of me there’s no way it was a bit difficult second goal I was knocked you gotta close it down its worthy of a volley beats me it was a good shot  “

How they Played

“I thought we were pretty much single because that’s typical of us. For the most part we’ve got kinda slap in the face by giving up the first goal we come back and play better after that.”

Being Back in Philadelphia

“It was a great game excited to be back playing in front of family and friends, disappointed in the result but was happy with the experience”

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Michael Farfan

What did you see on that kick that you took from the goal?

“I saw kyle put it on top of the of the box for me and I just wanted to make sure I got it up and luckily it deflected off and went into the back of the net.”

They really came at you the last ten minutes is that something as a team you really have to learn, to keep it together when the other team is throwing numbers at you

“Yeah definitely, you need to learn how to take the pressure and get the pressure off of you as well and get it up and just possess it, so we don’t give them any chances at goal.”

Justin Mapp

Since you were playing your old team, does that play a factor in it at all?

“Not really, just trying to be aggressive, we felt like if we pressured them and really went after them we could get a result and I thought we did that for the most part.  I tried to be aggressive on my part and everybody in general.”

Was it nice playing your old team?

“Yeah I mean you want to beat those guys when you get out there, the team has changed a lot.  Only probably 3 or 4 that I was good friends with when I was there so it’s changed a lot but it’s still a little weird playing them, I was there for so long.”

Do you talk to them during the game?

“Just say what’s up and then talk to them after the game briefly.”

People have been saying that the offense has been lacking, you guys had a surge tonight, what’s going on in training to kind of bring some of the guys out of the funk?

“Nothing that we haven’t been doing since week one, it’s just one of those things guys are working hard.  We hope the results come and all we can do is give it our best efforts.”

Carlos Ruiz

Take me through this week

“After the last three games we played we put ourselves in a very bad position and everyone was talking about it. We had a great great week in practice; everyone was motivated about this upcoming game against Chicago.  We had a couple of meetings between the players and we talked about how the team was playing. So I think that the result was good for us. We believe in each other again, after the each win you can fix some things better during the week. We are in 1st place again, we have been fighting for that position, and this is good for everyone.”

How is the pairing of you and Sebastien up top?

“We are still working on it; to be honest we need to work a lot to play better. Sebastien is a great player, sometimes we play almost the same, and we make the same runs. We talked this week and we came to a conclusion that we are going play off each. If it is better for the team we are going to stay after practice to get better. He is a great player for this team and I have to understand how he plays, he had a great year last year and he wants to play the same way. If I can help him for sure I will. “