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Chicago Fire vs. San Jose Earthquakes - USOC #2: Game Thread

Tonight's Chicago Fire vs. San Jose Earthquakes game at Buck Shaw Stadium starts at 9:30 PM CST. You can listen to the game at the San Jose Earthquakes website or check out this link which seems to be run by the San Jose Earthquakes too but doesn't have the chat. I like the feel of the latter link but I think I'll need the game descriptions from the chat. The Chicago Fire have embedded the U.S. Open Cup chat onto their website at this page. At that point, you could just stick here and chat with us though. You could even get four browsers up and just go hog wild why don't you?

The Chicago Fire need to win tonight's USOC Play-In game to keep their streak of always qualifying for the U.S. Open Cup alive. Losing is not an option. The Chicago Fire are the Kings of the Cup. It's time to put Maccabi Los Angeles and Bethlehem Steel on notice.