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Section 8 Chicago Board Meeting Tonight & Section 1000+

Time to celebrate Section 1000... and plan for more success
Time to celebrate Section 1000... and plan for more success

Section 8 Chicago will hold their monthly board meeting at 7:00 PM tonight at the regular spot; The Abbey Pub at 3420 W. Grace Avenue in Chicago.  There are a couple items on the agenda and some Section 8 news after the break including a new high mark...

Before getting into the Section 8 board meeting, HTIOT wants to congratulate them on breaking the 1,000 season ticket holder mark.  This was accomplished some time this morning.  The current number stands at 1,004.  Just last year, Section 8 had only 397 season ticket holders.  That's a 253% increase for those of you keeping track at home.  Section 8 Chicago President Tom Dunmore wrote:

This was an organic effort, perhaps like never before seen in MLS. Very few marketing $$$ went into this, the team has stank for a year, and we still achieved this, thanks to everyone spreading the word and getting their friends out to games. Keep it going!

Keep it going the Section will too with tonight being part of that ongoing effort.  On the agenda for tonight's board meeting:

Road Trip Info
Columbus Invasion 2011
Fire Supporters Volunteerism
2011 Education Initiative - zine, podcast, fliers, photographers, designers etc.
Tifo Crew - Upcoming Projects
Watch Parties and Events
New Merchandise!
Open Discussion - What's on YOUR mind?

The beat rolls on Chicagoland and Section 8 is always looking for your input as long as you want to 'live in da Fire'.  You don't have to be a Section 8 season ticket holder to attend these meetings or put in your two cents.  These meetings are a great opportunity to meet other fans and get involved in the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.  If you can't make it out tonight, you can always hang out at the pre-game tailgate this Saturday or check out the forums.  The new 'Fire Road Trips' forum is especially lighting up.  Let me tell you, there's nothing like a good Fire good trip.