Salary Information and Budget Charge Estimate

The MLS Players Association has released the Salary List of all MLS players.  Some interesting tidbits:

  • The highest paid player on the team has managed only one substitute appearance: DM Marko Maric's salary is $200,000
  • The Uruguayan strikers who have taken MLS by storm: Diego Chaves and Gaston Puerari, are paid a combined $95,000.  This is barely more than the veteran minimum.
  • In general, Frank Klopas did not spend very much on our new signings.  Except for Maric, the next highest paid newcomer to MLS is Josip Mikulic.  At $116,000, he is the 10th highest paid on the team.  
  • Our most recent signing, striker Christian Nazarith, is making the league minimum of $42,000.

Salary budget analysis after the jump:



According to the published roster rules, each team can have 20 players that count against the salary budget and 10 that do not (known as Off-Budget players).  Three categories of Off-Budget players are specified:

  • Generation Adidas players usually acquired through the SuperDraft (Johnson, Bone)
  • Home-Grown players developed in the Club's Academy (Pineda)
  • Players making less than the veteran minimum of $42,000. (Barouch, Dufty, Paul)

Since the Fire have exactly 30 players on the roster, they must have ten Off-Budget players.  It is not possible to be sure which players round out the Off-Budget list, but it makes sense that these be the players who make the least. For the Fire, these are Pari, Kinney, Videira and Banner.

Finally, in addition to base salaries, teams are responsible for signing bonuses and other bonuses which are reflected in the "Guaranteed Compensation" column of the salary list.  With these assumptions, the Fire have a budget charge of $2.14 million dollars.  

The salary budget is $2.68 million, so the Fire have about $500,000 to play with, which is enough space to sign a maximum salary player or Designated Player.  However, the Fire have 30 players on the roster, so their flexibility is limited.  A roster spot and international roster spot is available temporarily with the placement of Marko Maric on the disabled list, but he will likely return sometime in the next month.

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