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The games that were: MLS last week as we prepare for this weekend

Paying attention to what is going on with the rest of the league is important.  I can't encourage you enough to subscribe to MLS Matchday Live just for the condensed highlights available to get a decent glimpse of what went on with each game beyond the highlights.  We here at Hot Time want to help by providing links to game recaps so all of us can become better educated fans of MLS.  

Join me after the jump for some links of what happened this past week in MLS.

Lets start with Wednesday night's nil nil draw between New England Revolution and Toronto FC.   I wasn't able to watch it and frankly the idea of watching 20 minutes of this game condensed gives me the hives.  TFC recap will normally be from Waking The Red but this week we just get a placeholder.  Analysis of the game this week from The 24th Minute where Duane Rollins is all emo over his beloved Reds.  Revolution recap and analysis courtesy of The Bent Musket. They have a nice game recap and then some analysis of what this draw meant to NE fans.  They also sound depressed.  What do you know 0-0 score lines make no one happy.

Since we are working our way back in time lets check in on Sunday night's festivities at Pizza Hut Park.  Sporting KC blasted FC Dallas 4-1 in a very surprising result.   I've got nothing for you from a KC perspective but Big D Soccer comes through with their thoughts on the plastering they received.  The have requested it be deleted from the public consciousness.  Not likely!

Saturday!  So many games.

A draw that really should have been a win for the home team as Philadelphia Union played to a 1-1 stalemate against Real Salt Lake.  I had a chance to watch this game. Philly had a terrific first half but let a sub par Salt Lake squad back into the game.  A game like this makes me wonder about Philly being able to sustain their form through the rest of the summer.  The Brotherly Game is not pleased with the draw (a theme is brewing).  They also report that Fabian Espindola is a hero, allegedly. The RSL perspective comes from RSL Soapbox.  Game recap with some post game thoughts.  

DC United vs San Jose Earthquakes at the RFK was a total dominating win for San Jose with a sweet hat trick by Stephen Lenhart.  Bill Hamid had a rough outing.  Black and Red United gives us some game analysis and player comments.  No recap from the San Jose side this week.  Come on San Jose fans you won, recapping wins is awesome!

Houston Dynamo gets the win over Chivas USA 2-1.  Big win for Houston as they needed to defend their home turf. Nothing from a Chivas perspective but Dynamo Theory has a game recap that references riding Heath Pearce's mustache.  Yeah that had to be linked.  

Portland Timbers lost at home to the Colorado Rapids.  Portland LOST AT HOME.  To bad I didn't get to watch this game.  Portland recap from Stumptown Footy where they also have an adorable piece about MLS referees and how they suck.  Welcome to the league guys!  Colorado recap courtesy of Burgundy Wave where they were most pleased with the outcome.

Los Angeles Galaxy got one of those draws that felt like a loss at home against the normally beatable Toronto FC. Alan Gordon was UP for this game against his old team.  I always thought LA trading Gordon was kind of silly. He struck me as one of those guys who should have been with the Galaxy forever just because.  Here he smites them down (down to a draw) with two goals in his first game back from injury.  Waking the Red with the "holy crap we draw/won" reaction.  For the LA reaction we go to the only LA blog to update this weekend The View from Victoria Street.  J.R. Salazar just savages the Galaxy in this. 

In Cascadian action there was a game between the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Seattle Sounders.  Another 2-2 draw featuring Eric Hassli's ridiculous goal which you should have seen by now.  If you haven't well you aren't really paying attention as it is the only thing the national high profile MLS scribes could talk about this week. Vancouver analysis from the Footy Blog as Eighty Six Forever is busy being obsessed with the horror that is the Canadian national team.  Sounders at Heart has TWO in depth pieces about the game.  Here and here.

That's it for this week's action.