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Around the MLS: Week 14

Time for another gathering of links from around the MLS blogosphere to get you, our intrepid, genius reader up to date.

In case you want a bit of video recap to go with your text recap check out the MLS recap show for week 14.  Please note for some reason the mind's behind the video feed at MLS soccer split this thing up into three parts.  Even more strange they label them part 1 and 2, part 3 and 4, part 5.  Seriously does anyone think over there?  

Links to game recaps after the jump!

Friday June 17th:

Sporting KC vs San Jose Earthquakes.  Sporting gets the 1-0 win.  The Daily Wiz make it sound like a classic MLS street fight.  While again Quake Rattle and Goal gives us no game recap.  What up guys?

Saturday June 18th:

Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders.  Toronto hilarious lost this game a man up off a Freddie Montero free kick near stoppage time 1-0.  Sounders flat out steal 3 points.  Waking the Red prays for transfer window help while Sounder at Heart brings you their standard two recaps to point out how awesome they were down a man. 

Houston Dynamo vs Columbus Crew.  Houston loses to Columbus 2-0 at HOME.  Distressing news for a once great franchise.  Dynamo Theory is near catatonic after the loss.  Here is the recap and some bonus analysis.  You know things are bad when the recap starts off with "This team isn't good enough." Ouch.  Columbus Dispatch with a recap of the win.  

Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy.  The Galaxy go all Hulk Smash on the Rapids in Colorado by winning 3-1.  What is going on with the Rapids?  The Burgundy Wave feels that every thing that could have gone wrong did.  The View from Victoria Street thinks this was all about the Galaxy's depth.  I don't know about that Juninho was pretty great again.  Oh am I still supposed to believe Golden Balls is important to this team?  Seriously?

Real Salt Lake vs DC United.  Oddly our 1st draw of the week.  A 1-1 affair that has to have DC mighty pleased with itself.  Getting a road point against RSL is nice.  Oh wait there is CONTROVERSY surrounding this game!  Charlie Davies dove in the box and people are up in arms.  1st let us grade the dive.  On the Cuauhtemoc scale this was a 3 out of 10 in terms of form.  In terms of results it was a 10 out of 10.  I aint going to lie to yall.  I have no issues with diving.  If you worship at the feet of Saint Cuauhtemoc then diving is just part of your team's arsenal.  I'm more offended by bad divers than diving itself.  If you are going to do it be committed to being awesome at it (Brian Ching for a non Blanco example).  Davies has a long way to go to be awesome at it.   RSL Soapbox with their view of the game (you guys want to discuss the questionable call to give you a penalty in the 38th minute? No? OK.). Black and Red United with their perspective.  One more thing I would like to point out here is that Terry Vaughn is an awful referee who has been susceptible to dives for what feels like decades.  

Vancouver Whitecaps vs Philadelphia Union.  The Whitecaps get their second win of the season! 1-0 over the suddenly flagging Union.  I mentioned it last week but Philly is due to start losing and here they lose to a team that hadn't won in so long that Fire fans pitty Whitecaps fans.  Srsly.   86 Forever again with no game recap and frankly I can't be bothered to track one down at wherever Ben Massey decides to put it this week.  Cross posting never killed anyone!  Brotherly Game checks in with the view from the Philly side.  I imagine the view sucks.

Chivas USA vs FC Dallas.  Dallas wins on the road 2-1.  Lots of road wins this week.  Look Chivas USA is not any good.  I know they tease everyone for a bit but then they go back to being the fake goats.  If there is one constant in sports is that an LA team will always be terrible.  Chivas USA is that LA team for MLS.  No recap from The Goat Parade but at least they are back to posting stuff.  Big D Soccer with the recap you should read about this game.  Also Big D has a great article on the changes Hyndman made after Ferreira went down for the season.  Excellent piece. 

Sunday June 19th

Portland Timbers vs NY Red Bulls:  An awesome 3-3 draw.  This game had everything.  Bearded Henry talking trash, ridiculous back heel goal from Kevin Goldthwaite of all people, an OG, a ridiculous red card, a missed penalty, and a late game legit penalty that was converted.  This thing was awesome.  A hot Timbers Army crowd made it all the better.  Go out of your way to watch this one I beg of you.  Portland's view of this most excellent encounter is here (seriously Portland should have won they had like a bazillion chances).  Once a Metro checks in with their recap of the game.  They, along with everyone else, is pissed about Henry's red card which was a joke.

With that we are done with Week 14.  I'll be back next week for some more blogging fun.