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Chicago Soccer Smolderings 06/04 - Al Hack & Seattle Sounders Gameday Edition

The Chicago Fire set up the Wall of Honor in 2008 to honor the passionate fans that have helped build the traditions of the club. Today on June 4th, 2011, the Wall of Honor will induct another distinguished member, Al Hack.

June 4th Induction - Section 8 Chicago

"I am writing to let everyone know that the Chicago Fire will be honoring our dad/husband this year by inducting him onto their Wall of Honor. Naturally, the three of us are truly appreciative of this honor. As you know, the Fire has been a huge part of our lives for several years now, and at times Toyota Park seems empty now without our dad their, even with 20,000 fans filling the stadium. This tribute to our father/husband will hopefully help fill a void that is missing in our lives, though we know it will never replace all the memories we’ve shared with him over the years."

The Evolution of American Soccer Support Through a Kid at Heart | Pitch Invasion

"That point was driven home to me recently in the person of longtime Chicago soccer supporter Al Hack who died suddenly Valentine's Day morning. To me, Al represents a generation of Americans who helped escort soccer from the dark ages of the sport in the 1980s to today's relatively enlightened era in which soccer plays an important and relevant part in the lives of the majority of Americans."

Even in Death, Al Hack Keeps 'The Fire' Burning in His Heart - Tinley Park, IL Patch

"The wall was created in 2008 as an ode to the passionate fans who have helped build the traditions of the Fire since the club's inception in 1997, the Fire’s website said. Only two people have been added so far and a second pair—one of whom is Al—will join them this weekend."

June 4th Keg for American Heart Association - Section 8 Chicago

"The keg at the Sounders tailgate tomorrow will be run by WB05 with all proceeds to be donated to the American Heart Association in honor of Al Hack. Even if you don't drink beer, please consider coming by and making a small donation. If you do drink, it should be a keg of Modelo, donate what you can! Thanks to the FWF for their help and flexibility on this. The keg will shut down 30 minutes before the game so everyone can get inside and support the team."

It is great to see the Chicago Fire Soccer Club continue to honor the fans that truly make this the special club it is. Get out there to the tailgate and donate early and often to this great cause even if you have never been to the tailgate before. Seattle Sounders, Andrew Hauptman, Section 8 Chicago, and Chicago Fire PDL after the break.

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Follow Chicago Fire Premier on Twitter. They played last night and tied Hamilton FC 3-3 last night at Evanston Township High School. The Twitter feed gives a breakdown of the game.