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Let's Sell the Place Out: Tickets for August 30th, 2011 USOC Semi-Final vs. Richmond Kickers are now on sale

August 30th: BE THERE
August 30th: BE THERE

If you are reading this, it means the world hasn't ended since this post was programmed to be released at 12:00 PM CST today.  I suppose it also means that your Internet connection is working and many other things but at this very moment the most important thing is tickets for the U.S. Open Cup Semi-Final match against the Richmond Kickers on August 30th, 2011 at 7:30 PM CST are now on sale.  You can call 888-MLS-Fire or visit to purchase your tickets.

Full Season Ticket and Ten Game Holders can exchange their unused tickets (past OR future) by calling 708-496-6800 or using the online ticket exchange form at  In addition, tickets that were exchanged for the U.S. Open Cup match on July 12th can be re-exchanged for the match on August 30th due to the power outage.  Season Ticket Holders can use their season parking passes and park at no additional cost. 

Additional tickets may be purchased at the Season Ticket Holder Rate by contacting Fan Relations at 708-496-6800 or  Those rates are $49.95 for Club Seats, $30.00 for Premier, $20.00 for Corner Kick, and $10.00 for Harlem End.  Why should you go to the game and purchase tickets?  I'll have some of my own thoughts in the next 46 days but the majority of them will pale in comparison to the Chicago Fire USOC videos after the break.  Buy tickets, recruit your friends and family, support the Kings of the Cup.

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