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Manchester United vs. Chicago Fire - What do you think?

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Tomorrow the Chicago Fire will take on Manchester United in a game that is less competitive than pre-season scrimmages.  At least in pre-season scrimmages, players are fighting for their role on the team.  That doesn't mean tomorrow's game won't be fun and that doesn't mean that tomorrow's game isn't an important opportunity for the Fire to develop.  It does mean we won't be doing a game recap.  A write-up will include a variety of different events and interesting elements of things that happened around and in the game.

We do think tomorrow's game is an interesting opportunity for Patrick Nyarko, Dominic Oduro, and Marco Pappa to show their skills.  Yes, it's less competitive than a pre-season game but that doesn't mean skills won't be on display.  It's more of an All-Star Game atmosphere where the levels of care and commitment will be different for each player at different times in the game.  We are curious to see if there's anyone out there who wants to write about Nyarko, Oduro, and/or Pappa's performance and how they would fit in a potential move overseas.  All three players are young enough to still make an impact and all three players are talented enough to possibly get a look.  Do you want to use this opportunity to talk about Pappa's weaknesses?  Do you think Oduro is just having a career year?  Do you think Nyarko is the best thing since sliced bread?  Is there another angle for tomorrow's game you would like to write about instead?  Drop us a line at to express interest or ask any other questions.  This website is a blank canvass that could be painted on much more often and there is no perfect work of art in the context of sports fandom and writing.