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Manchester United vs. Chicago Fire Gamethread: Soldier Field - 4:00 PM CST - ESPN2

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The game against Manchester United kicks off in less than 4 hours.  Tune into ESPN 2 or ESPN Deportes at 4:00 PM CST if you aren't headed out to Soldier Field.  The parking lots are already open and the stadium will open at 2:30 PM.  Since the game is at Soldier Field, obviously their rules are the law of the land today.  If you have any questions or don't feel like scrolling through so many words, the Chicago Fire have phones stacked today with representatives: 312.235.7520.  They are there to help. 

Are the rules more important than the game?  Not necessarily but today is essentially a grand party so best know how to behave and what to expect.  Manchester United and the Chicago Fire are planning to use a variety of players.  From the Fire's interest in regular season player, the most important minutes will be played Sebastian Grazzini who is making his Chicago Fire debut.  It's exciting for all Fire players to play against Manchester United and I have to admit as a soccer fan I'm very excited to see the game myself.  How are you feeling on gameday today?