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Hot Time In Old Town? There's an app for that - CBS Chicago's Most Valuable Blogger Voting

The app in action
The app in action

We aren't quite to Hot Time In Old Town's one-year anniversary (September 14) so that makes a couple of new changes and announcements around here all the more exciting.  First off, if you like Hot Time in Old Town, there is now an iPhone app for that.  Well technically there's an app for SB Nation but so close to HTIOT's birthday?  Okay, yeah it's just a coincidence.  Check out more information and/or download it at the SB Nation iPhone page.  I'm pretty excited because for a first version app, this hits it out of the park.  Like the Twitter iPhone app, I can see myself reading SB Nation more on the app than on the computer.  Story streams already play out better on this app than on a laptop.  It only stands to get better with time.  If you have downloaded it already, what do you think?

In another bit of shamless self-promotion, Hot Time In Old Town is up for CBS Chicago's Most Valuable Blogger Award in the sports category.  I mean, I really liked our piece on Toyota Park concessions but I guess that didn't qualify us for the dining/entertainment category.  Everyone at HTIOT would be honored if you would consider voting for us at the HTIOT voting page.  You can vote once every day between now and September 5th.  The excellent Chicago Fire blogs Chicago Fire Confidential (Guillermo Rivera) and Chicago Fire Report (Charlie Corr) are also up for the award so if you think they deserve it more, there are the links for them.  They are beyond worthy and it's actually quite flattering to be nominated on the same stage given our different lengths of tenure.  Things have been a little quiet this week but we are preparing for a loud couple of weeks ahead.