Grafite coming to MLS?

Edinaldo Batista Libânio, better known as Grafite, has made it known he wants to come to America to play in MLS. Considering his success in high talent leagues like the Bundesliga, it's refreshing to hear that a players wants to come play in MLS. Our own Stephen Piggott clued me in to this story on Twitter, so I thought it would be something interesting to post as most people may not be aware of it. Thanks for the tip Stephen.

One downside would be his age, as he is currently 33. But, it would appear he still has the scoring touch. Although most MLS teams would likely throw their hats into the pot, this could be good for the Fire potentially as a signing depending on how the offseason shakes out. Look at Guillermo Franco. Despite initial reactions by fans, when he has played he has looked pretty good. Grafite seems like he has a year or two of starting in him, so I think he could benefit any team that needs more scoring, which the Fire could still use.

In case you want to check out his stats, click here. For the full story on his yearning to come to MLS, click here. If nothing else, this story makes for some interesting ideas.

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