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The Gargan Has Been Released; Bone Back?

Sad news broke yesterday for many Fire fans as Dan Gargan was selected by San Jose in the first round of stage 2 of the re-entry draft

The Gargan has ben released
The Gargan has ben released

Gargan leaves the Fire and heads to a high scoring San Jose team for the 2013 season. I was a fan of Gargan, and I still think he should have been in at RB last year. This move seems to solidify the fact even more that Jalil Anibaba will continue to be played out of position at RB in 2013. While Gargan is not getting any younger, he still brings a lot of experience and toughness to a San Jose back line.

The Fire already need to add depth along the back this off-season, and this move solidifies that need even more. We really need depth at LB, RB, and CB now, along with some offensive needs as well. The rumor mill has started to churn a bit more the past couple of days so hopefully we will see some moves being made in the next few weeks.

In another bit of news, Corben Bone has opted out of the re-entry draft with a view towards a new Fire deal. One would expect that his new deal would contain a big pay cut as he is making around $100,000 now. Re-signing him is good for team depth, but his path is still blocked by those in front of him. I don't think any of us expect him to be a major player next year, but he can help in a jam. The writing has been on the wall for this one, as there was no way he could stay with the team making that kind of money and not playing.

Finally, Jay Nolly will not be in a Fire jersey in 2013. He passed through the re-entry draft unselected, thus becoming a free agent. I am sure he will get picked up by some team for depth. With a top goalkeeper and a very good keeper in the wings, this move was expected for the Fire. I don't expect us to have any trouble finding a cheap, solid option for 3rd string goalkeeper.

Things have been slow news-wise lately, hence the lack of posts. I should have my forwards analysis out this weekend. With the Fire rumor mill gaining a bit of steam, hopefully we will have news of signings to report soon. The team certainly has unfinished business in terms of transfers this off-season.